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Camera Lenses and Optics – What You Should Know About Depth of Field

To be a professional photographer, you have to know everything there is to know about the equipment and how to use it, as well as the photographic techniques, provided you already have the talent. There are a handful of important things that any aspiring photographer has to know in order to be able to take those photos he or she envisions. One of the most important terms in photography is depth of field and when you have a deep grasp of this, your work will greatly improve. Surely, there are other things you must learn before going into depth of field, but understanding this is somewhat crucial.

How to Photograph Insects and Other Tiny Creatures

Want to expand your portfolio and your digital photography skills at the same time? In this article we introduce macro photography of insects, spiders and other small creatures. Not only can you easily come up with numerous original images, but you’ll grow and develop as a digital photographer by completing a series of images in this oft neglected genre.

Importance of Picture Frames

Memories are the returns that one gets out of the investment strategies made in lifestyle. They add to the collection of life and make it value living. They not only act as a comfort to the struggling and hassled thoughts but also add to the wealth of the experience, that one accumulates while spanning the grounds of life.

Tips on Capturing Better Landscape Photos

Discover how to take stunning landscape photos with these free tips and tricks. Learn about maximizing depth of field, creating a great foreground, getting creative with angles and more!

Glamour Photography Tips and Ideas

Discover how to capture amazing glamour photography with these free tips and tricks. Find out the best ways to pose glamour models and learn professional tricks for the most creative shots.

How to Protect Your Online Photography

When it comes to protecting your online photography there are many ways to prevent people from stealing your photos. In this article I will be focusing on the 3 methods for protecting your imagery…

ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed – Explained for Beginners

When we pick up the camera and start taking snaps right away, we barely think about the magic cooking inside that device to capture an actual image. Digital cameras make photo taking as simple as it may seem, but capturing visually astonishing photographs requires an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of photographic exposure. A photograph is captured by the process of the shutter opening and closing, allowing light coming in through the lens and the sensor inside the camera registering the image.

Food and Drink Photography – Hungry for Some Tricks?

Specialty restaurants have sprouted all over urban dwellings. They also like to have tantalizing pictures of their mouth-watering menus. Photographers specializing in food and drink photography are making a killing doing this work. How do they capture the delicious items?

Top 5 Tips How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography Album

Pick the right venue for your wedding photography: Pick a beautiful town or city with a lot of different venues that allow for a tremendous amount of creativity in creating your wedding photography. Location, location location is vital: pick classic locations such as: historical architecture, modern or contemporary architecture, or in nature such as open fields, rivers or by lakefronts. Timing is everything: Choose to stay away from mid-day photo shoots.

Simple Strategies On How To Effectively Take Better Photos

Photography can be a very enriching and rewarding hobby. It will take you some time and effort to learn what you need to know to shoot great photos. The following article will give you get some fantastic shots.

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