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How I Became Interested in Photographic Reproduction Restoration

The first time I ever did any photographic reproduction restoration was when I was about 16 years old. It was around the year 2000 and I had traveled to visit my grandparents for a week.

How to Use Filters for Black and White Film Photography

For me, part of the joy of film photography is the anticipation: you never know what you’ve got until you see the prints. Sometimes you’re disappointed, while other times you can be pleasantly surprised. However, a couple of filters, used in the correct circumstances, can improve the chances of great results, and enhance your shots far more quickly and easily than Photoshop fixes. This article details the most common filters, and highlights the ones you really need.

How To Combine Photographs

Getting the perfect shot, when taking a photograph of something, is not always easy. However, if you are skilled with a camera, regardless, if the camera is attached to your cellular device, your tablet, or a professional device, you want to be able to show your pictures to the world.

What to Charge for Your Prints

Pricing is a big mystery for most photographers. Learn what you should charge for your prints so you don’t lose money.

Tips Explaining How To Properly Use A Monopod

A monopod can be a photographer’s best friend or it can be totally useless… It all depends on how it is used. Here is how…

Creative Photography Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

For the holiday season, you can get as creative as you can be in giving gifts to the people closest to you. Landscape art photography is just one of the many ideas you can use.

Some Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography may seem to involve highly complex and technical details but you cannot deny that some of the best photographs that have won international awards are those that are spontaneously ‘clicked in the moment’ bringing out the essence of the subject and let the pictures speak for themselves. Of course, it helps to have the latest equipment and accessories in hand, but all that you require is that moment before each shot when your thought flow is in sync with the image you are capturing. There are no doubt many guides and animated tutorials…

Photography – Its History and the Earliest Techniques

The word ‘photography’ is of Greek origin coming from the combination of ‘photos’ meaning ‘light’ and ‘graphein’ which is ‘to draw’. It pertained to the use of light or any related radiation to record images on a sensitive material and was first used in 1839 by Sir John F W Herschel, a scientist. The history of the camera, to speak of it as a piece of equipment involved in taking photographs, goes beyond the introduction or the subject of photography.

Something to Know More About Modern Photography

18th century photography – The invention of photography’s first practical process was another Frenchman, Niepce’s counterpart, Louis Daguerre. While Joseph Nicephore Niepce was trying out ways and means to capture images, Daguerre was also experimenting with various chemicals and techniques. In 1829, Daguerre developed a partnership with Niepce to explore ways to develop and improve Niepce’s technique.

Why I Enjoy Photographic Reproduction Restoration

As a technology geek I enjoy many facets of computers and software, but photographic reproduction restoration takes the cake. I’ve worked in various fields of computer related services which include, computer repair, website design, and graphic design. Of all these areas, I have found photo restoration to be the most enjoyable.

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