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Photo Tip – How To Use An Accent Light In Your Portrait Photography!

At times we want to force our viewer’s attention to a specific area in our portrait photography. To do this we use an accent light! Here’s how…

Top 7 Photography Workshops

Many people are choosing photography as their profession. If you want to learn about photography or enhance your skills, you should attend the photography workshops. The best part about these workshops is that they are organized at beautiful locations where you can learn the practical aspect of photography. The below mentioned workshops are the best photography workshops that aim at enhancing your photography skills.

The Best Photography Training Courses

Photography has become a popular profession these days. If you are keen to become a photographer or want to update your photography skills, you must get yourself enrolled in a photography training course. There are various photography training courses available but you must join the one that focuses on the skills and offers detailed and fully illustrated notes. The following courses aim at enhancing your knowledge about photography.

Why Choose a Digital SLR Over a “Point-And-Shoot?”

For those developing an interest in photography, there has never been such a bewildering range of cameras on the market. But in order to narrow it down, the first choice an aspiring photographer should make is a relatively simple one: point-and-shoot or SLR?

3 Tips For Making The Family Portrait Fun

Every family needs a portrait and not everyone wants the same traditional group photo. These days people are after a more human touch and may include fun and wacky ideas.

Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer for You

When choosing a wedding photographer, sometimes the options (and not to mention prices) can be overwhelming. From narrowing down what style appeals to you the most, to assessing your wedding photography budget, this step-by-step article will make the process of finding the perfect wedding photographer downright enjoyable.

Useful Tips To Improve Photography Skills!

Beginning photographers can benefit from a collection of hints and advice on how to start taking better pictures. Also, information on how to make the whole process of taking pictures as smooth as possible will be very helpful. Hopefully, the tips listed here will help any novice photographer become an expert in no time.

Basics of Digital Photography for Cavemen

Do you secretly curse all technological changes? Do you long for the days when you had to get out of your chair to change the channel and popcorn was cooked on the stove? If you still feel more comfortable capturing memories with cave drawings, maybe it’s time for you to learn the basics of digital photography.

Beach Portraits, Hints and Tips for an Awesome Session

Looking to book a photographer for a family beach photography session, here are a few simple hints and tips to make your session go smoothly. A photography session can be fun and enjoyable, and being prepared is the key ingredient.

Basic Photoshop Editing

Most people limit their photo editing to the basics and there is software available online for photo editing, with the most popular being Adobe Photoshop. People can use Photoshop for free, via the trial version, but must be careful because some websites offer free Photoshop and people later realize that the files are laden with viruses.

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