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Simple Tips on How to Take a Perfect Picture

Do you have a digital camera? If you do then you’re already one step closer towards that perfect picture! Here are some smart tips when taking pictures, whether you own a professional or non-professional camera.

Pros And Cons of Selfie Culture

Selfie is the buzzword of the modern culture. The advantages and shortcomings of this phenomenon are discussed here.

Travel Photography: China

Travel photography in China is a big topic and therefore this article only explores the parameters that will go towards making your visit a success. The key point is to ensure that you keep the travel down to allow time for your main objective.

Common Mistakes Couples Do When Working With A Wedding Photographer

When it comes to weddings, it is important to hire photographers. In this way, you can have wonderful photos during your wedding day.

Things You Should Know Before Creating a Photography Invoice

Creating a photography invoice is important. This article provides you with all the basics of creating invoices. It covers everything you need to know about photography invoice and how to make a professional photography invoice step by step.

Travel Photography: Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) only recently eased requirements for foreign visitors and tourism is in its infancy. This is great news for travel photographers wishing to capture images of relatively unspoilt Asian lifestyles.

Photography Tips and Tricks – A Little Something to Help Your Creativity

With the widespread of social media mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, photography has seen a huge increase in popularity. People are taking pictures with anything ranging from mobile phones to tablets and professional DSLR cameras and using all sorts of editing instruments ranging from Photoshop to their favorite online photo editor. However, not all photos turn out how you may have expected them from a first try.

Optimum Settings for the Perfect Photograph

Cameras are more and more complicated and we are tempted to play with all the buttons. But sometimes less is more or at least there are a few basic rules we should try to stick to in order to get the best images possible. In this article we have selected a few tips that we suggest you follow to optimize your camera (and time!).

Tips On How To Remove Background Images Using Photoshop Software

Whether you are a professional graphic designer or you like editing photos for fun, you can easily remove the background using professional graphic design software. One of the best programs that you should consider using is Photoshop. If you have never used the program before, here is a guide on how to remove the background from your photo.

Steps Of Cutting Out Images Using Photoshop

Do you want to cut out a person or object from a photo? You can easily do so using your favorite photo editing software. One of the most popular software programs that you can use is Adobe Photoshop. To guide you here are tips on how to cut out the object or person using Photoshop:

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