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Advice On How To Effectively Take Better Photos

If you want to shoot great pictures of cities you visit round the world, this is the article you should read. It gives you some advices regarding lighting, exposure, ISO, aperture etc.

See The World Through An Entirely New Lens!

This article contains some tips for getting the best results with your camera. It is about using the filters, the flash, about white balance. It tells you what to do with your photos you are not satisfied with.

A Unique Style of Wedding Photography

When you consider engaging a wedding photographer to photograph at your wedding it is important to remember that every photographer has a different ability. With the advent of sophisticated digital slr cameras at affordable prices there has been an explosion of individuals who have purchased a medium range or even a fully professional digital slr camera and set up shop as a wedding photographer. Some of these photographers are actually extremely good at what they do, even to the point of being able to make it as a professional photographer. However the vast majority do not have the technical expertise or understanding that will enable them to capture the perfect wedding picture time and time again.

The Benefits of Being a Photographer

Here is an article explaining all of the advantages that come with being a photographer. All included from travel opportunities to job satisfaction.

The Old Warhorse of Camera Lenses – Minolta AF 50

In real life, old horses are put out to graze. In the world of cameras and lenses, that does not happen much. Especially when lenses are like the Minolta AF 50.

How to Win a Photography Competition

This “how to” manual will not explain the basics of how to use your camera but instead, how to increase the chances of your skills winning a competition. First of all it is important to understand the competition you want to enter. Homework is no fun but it is pertinent in finding out how to compose an image tailored for the competition. Competitions come in many forms, but most commonly they are judged by prominent photographers or by your peers. Some competitions use both photography judges and peer votes.

Amazing Black and White Images in 3 Minutes Using Photoshop

A how to Tutorial on editing images to black and white manually using the red, green, and blue channels in Photoshop. This process is something that can be done by most anyone and is fairly quick to achieve. It also provides a high level of control to the user. No images are included.

Deciding on Which Wedding Photographer Is Right for You

In choosing the most important service provider for your long awaited wedding day, you will learn that there are literally hundreds to choose from. And that does not make it easy. Here I highlight only the most important aspects you need to look for in a wedding photographer, things I learned from many of my wedding clients.

Editing Images: Basic Photography

Ansel Adams said: “I have often thought that if photography were difficult in the true sense of the term, meaning that the creation of a simple photograph would entail as much time and effort as the production of a good watercolor or etching, there would be a cast improvement in total output. The sheer ease which we can produce a superficial image often leads to a creative disaster.” Adams is trying to say that the days of tolling over in a darkroom are over.

Boudoir Photography – Consider the Benefits

Boudoir photography is a great gift for a loved one who already sees your beauty, and would love a lasting reminder. The art of boudoir photography brings out the sensuality and honors the form of a woman. It will forever change the way you look at yourself and your body.

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