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Nothing beats the joy of seeing a wonderful portrait of yourself. If you happen to be that kind of person who is fond of posing before the camera and being the subject of stunning images, then having a bunch of pictures of yourself or even of different types of subjects would be one of the most beloved treasures you can keep and be proud of.

Photomatix HDR Software

The incredibly popular HDR image processing program known as Photomatix has been empowering HDR photographers and enthusiasts since February, 2003. It was the result of work done related to a research project that had commenced the previous year. It was released by the company that is known today as HDRsoft (formerly Multimedia Pro). At the time of its commencement, there truly was practically no competition in the field. Now, almost a decade later, there are several options available as alternatives to using Photomatix. However, Photomatix has so much going for it alongside of its content and capability that it is deftly defending its champion title. HDRsoft is clearly on top its game, which is fantastic for all who love and work with HDR photography.

Essential Photography Equipment

For those who consider photography either a serious hobby or a profession, you will need more than just your nifty DSLR cameras. The camera is only the beginning and it won’t be long before you need to invest in photography equipment. From cases to tripods to interchangeable lenses, there are a plethora of items out there to take your photographs to the next level.

Using HDR Photography to Capture the Full Tonal Range of a Scene

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is the process of capturing and processing photos that capture a large dynamic range, from light to dark. The human eye has a much larger dynamic range than the standard digital camera sensor, and so HDR photography can be used to capture images that more accurately represent what we see.

What Is Architectural Photography?

While planning a wedding so many different decisions need to be made. It can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time! It’s important to choose the right caterer for a number of reasons. The caterer sets the mood and theme from the appetizers to the champagne toast. A caterer can make or break the party just like going to a restaurant and ordering a dish that was so-so, you’ll remember the experience each time you recall that memory! While you might be mingling the night away with ‘hellos,’ and ‘I haven’t seen you in ages’-your guests will be enjoying a meal to remember.

How to Take Great Sports Photos

So you want to take great sports photos. The greatest sports photos have won countless awards and Pulitzer prizes. Not only does taking a great sports photo require skill and planning, but it also takes practice. A ton of practice, if you ask the pros! Overall, the point of taking great sports photos is to capture the action.

What Are the Advantages of Booking a Professional Event Photographer

So what are the real advantages of booking a professional event photographer? It comes in many aspects such as a professional will carry all the appropriate insurances – we don’t want anything to go wrong but if it does this should give you peace of mind. Another aspect is having the correct professional equipment. Here is one example, I am often asked why indoor equestrian photographs are all grainy and why the images from many other equestrian photographers do not appear to be very sharp when taken indoors?

Canon 430 Speedlite Overview – Canons Best Flash?

The Canon 430 Speedlite is suitable for photographers who are looking to venture into the world of flash photography. Some photographers are put off using a Speedlite because they often find them confusing. One of the benefits of using a Canon 430 Speedlight is that it has something on it called “ETTL” this basically means that in this mode the flash will meter the settings for you to give you the correct exposure.

Improve Your Landscape Photography With Split Neutral Density (ND) Filters

A brief overview of split neutral density filters, which can be used in photography to reduce the difference in brightness between landscape and sky. This article covers the different types and strengths of split neutral density filters, and how to use them to improve your landscape photography.

Infrared Software for an Infrared Digital Camera

In the last few years the acceptance and applications of infrared thermography has increased drastically. The infrared digital camera is one of the most popular thermographic appliances.

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