When to Use an ND Filter for Video #Shorts

How to Earn From Photography

In these harsh economic times this article gives you some ideas on how to turn photography from a hobby into a money making machine. All you need is the confidence and imagination to follow them through.

10 Tips for Doing Nude Photography

It is all about manners, really. Here are some tips that should help create an environment where both the photographer and model feel comfortable and safe.

Camera Helps People to Really See

Discover how to see and experience all the wonders of the world through new eyes. “Photographer’s” eyes. Using the photographer’s techniques, you can see and experience a world you never new existed…with or without a camera. A few simple photography tips could change your life forever.

Pixels And Dots Per Square Inch Explained And Compared

PPI is the easiest of these two terms to understand. It relates to the number of pixels per square inch that are present in an image. The PPI can impact a photo’s print size as well as the quality of the output. If there are too few pixels in each square inch, the image will appear jagged and out of focus.

Wedding Photography Tips For Building A Better Business

When it comes to building a wedding photography business it’s all about professionalism. From generating the lead to delivering the finished wedding album, running a wedding photography business means you need to understand what it means to run a professional business. Anyone can walk into a wedding with a digital camera and snap a bunch of pictures.

Become A Photographer: 5 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Camera

Has it always been your dream to become a photographer and start your own business? Well, it’s more possible now then ever before. With all the technological advances we’ve seen you can make money with your photos in so many different ways. All you need these days is a camera and a plan and you can become a photographer.

Start Shooting A Wedding Weeks In Advance

Shooting a wedding takes some preparation. You can’t just walk into the venue cold and start snapping away. Well, you can. But you’re not going to get very good pictures and your business will be ruined before it even gets off the ground. If you want to be the photographer-in-demand, you’ll start shooting a wedding weeks in advance.

Promote Your Wedding Photography Business On Facebook

This is the perfect time to start a wedding photography business. The Internet makes it possible for anyone to work anywhere now. You don’t need an office or a big fancy desk. You don’t need a complicated phone system or office equipment.

What’s The Best Lens For Wedding Photography?

Choosing the best lens for wedding photography can be tricky business. There are so many on the market these days and the can be quite expensive. But eventually you’re going to need one.

Get More Bookings For Your Photo Business

Bookings are the core of your photo business. Without bookings you have no money coming in. And if you want to keep that money coming in on a regular basis, then you need to keep the bookings coming in. Now that you understand how important they are, let’s take a look at what you can do to get more bookings for your photo business.

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