What Makes a Lens “Fast”? #Shorts

Nikon D5000: Following the Nikon Tradition

Nikon’s marketing for their D5000 DSLR camera is pretty simple. They say that it is smart, sharp, and simply brilliant. This is a bold marketing statement for a camera that shares a lot of features with the critically acclaimed D90.

Canon VS Nikon – Canon T3 Or Nikon D3100

Life is normal when there is a Canon VS Nikon debate. This time the opponents are the Canon T3 or Nikon D3100. The line in the dirt is drawn. Which one will come out victorious this time?

Canon 60D Vs T3i – How Do These Two Digital SLR Cameras Stack Up?

Camera buyers, when you think about the Canon 60D vs T3i, you may ask yourself if there are enough feature differences to substantiate the production of two digital SLRs in the mid-level DSLR market, especially when they are produced by the same company. It is definitely a gutsy move by Canon to release both these cameras.

Landscape Photography Using Your Digital SLR Camera

There are many factors that go towards great landscape photography. Here are a few points to consider. Lens Using an ultra wide angle lens is standard, in order to pack us much of a scene as possible into the picture.

Using Your Digital SLR To Take Professional Quality Portraits

Portrait photography can be one of the most satisfying forms for an enthusiastic amateur. The tips below can be of use whether you are using a digital compact, a digital SLR camera or fully manual SLR. Simplicity Background clutter will interfere with a good portrait.

Photography Tips – Basic Photography Techniques You Should Know

Digital photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular hobbies of today. You can easily capture precious moments with a digital camera and see the results in a matter of seconds. It can’t be easier than that! Even so, if you want to take good pictures, you will need to know some basic photography techniques. You need to learn more about them to get satisfying results.

Studio Lighting: An Introduction For Enthusiastic Amateurs Or Semi-Pros

Anybody who is serious about indoor photography will eventually want their own studio. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate set up; a studio can mean anything from some domestic lamps and a spare bed sheet for the background to the more high tech options rented or owned by serious professionals. Before any discussion of lighting with flash or studio lights, it is useful to be familiar with the inverse square law.

A Guide to Selecting And Buying Lenses

Background: The more complex zoom lenses used in high end digital SLR cameras can be made up of up to 20 elements – some of which are themselves a compound of elements. The most common material used is glass due to its resistance to scratching and excellent optical properties, however acrylic, quartz glass, fluorite, germanium and meteoritic glass are also used. The surface of most modern lenses is coated to reduce flare, have a UV coating to help with colour balance and elements to minimise abrasion.

Lens Filters: A Beginners Guide For DSLR and Digital Camera Enthusiasts

Despite the advances of post processing thanks to Photoshop, filters are anything but redundant. So, what do they do and which lenses might a digital photographer need in his or her kit? UV Filters This is probably the most commonly used and useful digital SLR camera filters to purchase.

Tips for Preparation and Pre-Visualization

The purpose of this article is to show the thinking process involved in the preparation and pre-visualization of a wildlife photo session. These notes relate to the work in the field where the photo shoot will take place. It’s assumed that the photographer will have done the in-house research – if possible visited the location, studied maps/Google earth of the area and has researched the subject to be photographed. Has put together the necessary photographic equipment and seen the weather forecast.

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