What is Exposure Bracketing? #Shorts

Take The Greatest Photos This Summer

Summer just isn’t summer if you don’t have a collection of photographs at the end to reflect upon. But have you ever had your hopes dashed by the glare of sunlight obscuring somebody’s face or reflections from passing cars ruining the lighting of your photo? You’re not alone on this, summer can be the best time for photographer.

Nikon Vs. Canon Digital SLR Cameras

For those of you who haven’t used a digital camera before, you will need to choose between only two camera brands: Nikon or Canon. I believe that one can’t go wrong with either digital camera. I’ve used both brands, and they are both excellent digital SLR camera. They both bring incredibly realistic pictures and whichever camera a user eventually buys they will each last for 20, 30, and maybe even 40 years to come. But before deciding on which brand it is essential to pick the traits you are searching for in a digital camera.

The Basics of Digital Photography

Photography was considered as a very expensive hobby and the number of people pursuing this career was less in earlier days. Now the situation has changed a lot. Innovations in the field of photography have enabled us to enjoy photography, easier and trouble free.

What’s Photography About

What skills a photographer needs to be able to compose a work of art and not just another snapshot. Knowing enough about your subject; and the lighting giving to you, to make you’re subject a work of art.

New And Advanced Features Of Digital Cameras

People continue to look for advanced features in digital cameras. Many have been looking for the wireless capability and better zoom feature.

How to Use Cameras and Select Camera Accessories

Today cameras are more popular than ever before. In the past, most people didn’t dare buy anything more than a point and shoot camera.

Which Camera Is Right for Me?

Seen working with a high end DSLR, I am often asked for my advice on camera choice. The question is something like, “Ah I’m thinking of getting a new camera. What would you suggest is a good one to get?” This is what they say but what they actually mean is, “Wow, I love the look of that camera. You obviously think it’s the right one to get. Tell me why I should get one just like that and more importantly, how I can justify the expense to my wife!”

Consumer Guide To Scanning Services: 7 Questions To Ask A Potential Company Before You Hire Them

If you use the tips you are about to learn, you will avoid the costly mistake of hiring a scanning company that will charge you for poor quality scans. And after reading this article, you will have the knowledge to make a more informed and intelligent decision when choosing a scan company. So before you hire a scanning company to transfer your collection of slides, negatives, and photos, ask these 7 important questions:

How to Create a Virtual Tour

This guide is an overview of the basic principles of how to create a virtual tour. While not delving deeply into any one particular aspect of virtual tour production this guide should help you understand the steps you should be thinking about when approaching virtual tours and panoramic photography in general.

Get Creative With Your Wedding Photography

The wedding day is one of the most cherished days for a couple. And when the day has passed and you are left with fond memories of it, nothing works better than your wedding photographs bound in a keepsake album to whisk you back in time to the joyous occasion.

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