What Determines Depth of Field? #Shorts

Ansel Adams: 5 Breathtaking Black and White Photos

Even after color photography became popular, many artists even up to the current day prefer shooting black and white photography. Partially, this used to be an issue of cost, since black and white film was less expensive than the newer technology of color film. More importantly, though, people believed that black and white photography was the traditional way to shoot good photographs.

The Three Scoops of Photography

Just because one has an instinct for taking pictures, does not mean he/she intuitively understands the basics of photography. Like a teenager placing the cherry on his much coveted dessert, he knows it tasted great, but it’s not until he’s an adult when he will stop and ask what made that sundae so good..

High School Senior Portraits: Suggestions

With Senior session upon us, I thought I would take the time to let the Seniors in on things they should bring and consider for their portrait session. First I’ll cover the girls as they tend to care a little bit more about how their portraits turn out. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a boy say “I’m only here cause mom made me come”.

How to Choose Your Digital Camera

So how do you decide which camera is the best one for you. A camera is a very personal object. It becomes even more personal because you will be carrying it with you all the time, recording your memories or working with it. 1) The feel of the camera: Hold it and feel it. Do you like how it fits your hands? Can you press the buttons and turn the wheels in a comfortable way? Do you like the placement of the viewfinder? Do you like the strap? The strap can be change later. It can be personalized. Is the weight good for you?

How to Turn an Average Model Into a Hot Model by Utilizing 3 Easy Posing Styles in Your Photo Shoots

Have you ever been stuck behind a camera trying to make up your mind what your next move should be, in order to pose and direct your model? Have you ever had a challenging model that no matter how hard you try to direct her posing, it just seems you cannot get it right? Rest assured that you are not the only photographer to be faced with such a situation. These three posing styles that I am going to share with you, will kick start your photographic abilities in those uncomfortable moments, when you are lost for poses.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Photographer

What are the top 10 qualities of a great photographer? It takes more than just a nice camera and a desire to take pretty pictures in order to be successful in this creative yet technical professional field. Whether you want to work for newspapers, magazines, portrait studios or as a freelance event photographer, there are a few qualities that you should try to cultivate as soon as possible.

Commercial Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is not new, i think we all realize this. At the top end of photo retouching are the high end photo retouchers who get to retouch fashion magazines, advertising posters, car adverts and much, much more.

Market Your Photography – Create Sittings

Creating sittings is the life-blood of a portrait photographer. Creating a method of generating the sessions that lead to sales opportunities is what every photographer needs to survive in this down economic time.

Scanning Photos = The Safer Photo Restoration Method

When it comes to Photo restoration, there are a few ways of getting your photo to your photo restoration specialist. The easiest one to think of is by post, and not to discount the postal service, this isn’t the safest route. We always recommend sending your old photos by special delivery as these can be tracked (if something ever did go wrong, which is thankfully rare!

How to Choose a Printing Service for Your Digital Photo Book

There are numerous services that offer custom photo book creation and printing. Photo book styles, sizes and creative options can vary so it is wise to look at several photo services before you design your book.

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