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Disposable Cameras Are Cheaper Solution For Great Results

Traditionally, digital cameras are quite expensive. These can produce great results by capturing amazing pictures but due to the cost factor, generally there are only one or two units available for all the family members. If during special occasions such as weddings or any other family get together, if all the members of the family want to take snaps, disposable camera is a good option. These are cheap and very easy to use. Anyone, who is not very proficient in photography, can take pictures and have fun with these devices. You can buy them in bulk and enjoy during the family gatherings or your kid’s birthday party without worrying about ruining your expensive equipment. These are also very popular with tourists due to the picture clarity.

Photography Basics: Photographic Workflow

When you hear the word workflow, you automatically think about the editing process. However, there is a workflow when it comes to taking photographs too. It’s the few simple things you think about while getting ready to take your photographs.

Love Glass, But Hate the Reflections? Learn the Secrets to Get It Right

Mix sand and high heat together, and you form one of mankind’s most durable and intriguing substances-glass that can be one of the most difficult subjects to shoot. Unwanted reflections can ruin even the most well-designed compositions.

A Narrative Approach to Wedding Photography Part 2

In the first part I touched on what I think makes good wedding photography – how it should be a personal choice, a story that YOU want to tell, an aesthetic that is your vision – and in saying this it simply means that I can’t hope to dictate or impose the sort of images that you should be shooting nor would I. So simply over the next few articles I’m going to talk about how I prepare for a wedding shoot, what I look for, how I conduct myself, how I choose to shoot and how I post-process the…

Photography – The RAW Question

When shooting with your DSLR camera, you may be faced with the decision as to whether to shoot your images in RAW. There are a couple on considerations, both negative (no pun intended) and positive that you must bear in mind when ultimately making your decision.

Learn More About Wedding Photography – Sydney Style

Sydney is a city blessed with amazing beauty. Beauty found in natural rock formations, in a sparkling harbour and in the most world-renowned and unique buildings. Beauty that enhances the beauty of every bride.

Flash Brackets for Pro Lighting

If your camera accepts an external flash, you might think that will solve your problems with red eye. Well, almost.

Digital Orthophotography Services

The growth in demand for the Geographic Information System (GSI) technology has led to the popularity of the digital orthophotography that has provided an accurate way of constructing a GSI database. Whether you have photogrammetric capabilities or want a complete digital orthophotography services, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of digital orthophotography is vital.

Photo Book Software: DigitalPrintLab

DigitalPrintLab is new photo book software that you can download and use to create your own designed and personalized photo book with text captions. This program will allow you to upload all of your favorite pictures and memories into one area. From there you can choose a background and a page layout that will work best to present your photos in the way that you desire.

Get To Know All About Wedding Photography

Any wedding day is an amazing experience for both the bride and groom as they look to take the next steps of their lives together. Nevertheless, the events leading up to the BIG DAY can often become overwhelming.

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