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Photo Contest 2011

Every single year a large amount of enthusiastic photographers enter into numerous photo competitions around the world. 2011 will be no different. There are numerous methods you can use to enhance your likelihood of winning a prize, one is by making sure that you review the guidelines of the contest, improving technical ability, studying previous winners as well as using your own personal style in the images.

Digital Camera Megapixels Don’t Matter

There are so many choices on the market that choosing a camera can become an overwhelming experience. Each camera manufacturer has developed its own marketing lingo to boost sales on their cameras. But what really matters?

Buying Your Own Digital Camera

Everyone would like to buy his own digital camera. If this is your first time to go shopping for one, you need to be aware that once you do not know what you are looking for, most likely you will end up buying something that is beyond your budget. Salesmen at big electronic shops are very good in convincing clients to buy the most expensive camera which you might not also need.

The Nikkor 16mm Fisheye Lens: The Right Nikon Fisheye For Your Camera?

Interested in the Nikkor 16mm Fisheye Lens? Here’s what you should know before buying this lens for your digital Nikon SLR.

Differences Explained: Canon EOS 550D, Rebel T2i and Kiss X4

  Recently, while having a chat with our team of passionate customer service, I was told that many of you were rather confused about the difference between Canon EOS 550D, Canon Rebel T2i and Canon Kiss X4. While sound of getting a Rebel or a Kiss sounds to be completely two different things, the three camera models are essentially the same and is part of Canon’s regional branding policy. Regional Branding The Canon Rebel branding is used mainly for America and Canada, while the Canon Kiss is for the domestic Japanese market.

Top Reasons to Get a Photo Book Instead of A Regular Album

The photo book is a great alternative to traditional albums. It helps transferring photos from a digital camera into an elegant book format very easy. It can help overcome several problems like cumber storing process, easy damage to photos and lack of provision to add comments and notes with photos. Professional services can be hired to create photo books.

Twilight Adventures for Landscape Photographers

If you’ve been learning photography and begin gravitating to landscape photography, you will quickly learn that many of your best shots will happen during sunrise and sunset. There are many factors why these “magic hours” produce the most compelling photos and most will be discussed in this article. My hope is that you acquire a better understanding of why sunrise and sunset facilitates beautiful landscape photography. You can then utilize this information in the field to refine your photographic skill and ability.

Add Photographs – Make Your House a Home

Photographs can turn the poorest or the most expensive house into a special, personal place, our home. And wherever we go we can take those portable memories and reminders with us and set up home again.

Wedding Photography: Leave It to the Pros

Wedding photography has a very important role to play in any wedding celebration. After the bouquets have withered and died, the wedding cake has been eaten and the day passed into a history, the photographs are normally the only things remaining of this wonderful day in a couple’s life. It is the professional photographer’s responsibility to capture the best moments possible during those wedding day celebrations.

How to Do Wedding Photography

As pictures form lasting stills of a wedding day, it is important to have a strategy for taking high quality wedding photos and employ effective techniques for ensuring that the bride and groom are happy with the moments you captured. While some aspects of wedding photography can only be gleaned through experience and having an eye for art and the ‘perfect shot’, other aspects can be taught and knowledge surrounding the art of wedding photography can be acquired.

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