Universal Audio Volt Series: Audio Interfaces at a Reasonable Price! Hands-on Review

Portable External USB Hard Drives – Do You Need One for Your Photography?

Have you been thinking of buying and using a portable USB hard drive in your business or for home computing data storage? I am a Nature and Outdoor Photographer, and I needed a way to download all of the large file format RAW photo captures I take when on a extended away from home photo shoot. It was use CF cards and spend hundreds for the numerous cards I would need, or turn to an external USB hard drive. Did I really need one?

5 Wedding Photography Tips You Must Know About

Want to improve your wedding photos? Then check out these 5 tips that every wedding photographer should know about.

Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth – Top 5 Backdrops

Howdy aspiring wedding photographers in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. In last month’s article I offered some of the best spots in Bournemouth for your Locations repertoire. This month I will be zooming in even closer and focusing on five specific backdrops in Bournemouth that you can use in your wedding photography.

A New Look at Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities. Now that I’ve been there a number of times, I’m able to stop photographing just the iconic images and focus more on what makes Paris, Paris.

Using A Model Pose Guide – Give Portrait Photos That Professional Edge!

Learning how to pose properly in front of the camera can make the difference between getting work over someone else. Learn how to get a head start by using a model pose guide.

Which Photo Editing Software Is Best for You?

There are tens of different softwares to choose from. Some are free of charge, some are very expensive. Some offer just very basic tools and are extremely easy to use, others provides with hundreds of complicated options and require lots of training to utilise them well. So it is not easy to decide what to choose if you are just a new starter in the photo editing world.

Hiring a Photographer for Your Wedding Day

If you are planning a wedding in an island in the Caribbean region, it will be best for you to also look for a great photographer that will capture your every moment in this special island paradise. A lot of people dreamed to prepare their own wedding but now that you are blessed with a partner that will marry you in this beautiful island, it will be best for you to know that there are lots of professional photographers that can help you with your concern.

Tips For Taking Great Photos Of People

People are one of the most favorite subjects of photographers. In fact, they make photos look great and full of life. As such, those who are serious in photography should at least know how to shoot with people the right way.

The Beauty of Keeping Your Photographs Simple

Many new photographers often produce unattractive photographs. This article shares with them the beauty of keeping their photographs simple to achieve award winning effects.

Can Photo Retouching Change the Tonal Quality of a Picture?

Photo retouching is a handy technique used for curing many imperfections. It is very useful in enhancing the tonal quality of an image. The best results are achieved by the professionals who have sound knowledge about creating different tones of an image.

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