Unbelievably Easy Way To Turn DAY Into NIGHT In Photoshop

Sales Of Mirrorless Cameras On The Rise

Most of you are familiar with the digital camera. Many people own this today and even kids know how to operate it. But surely, not many are knowledgeable about the mirrorless camera. Perhaps, some of you came to know about this only now.

Simple Ways To Remove Blemishes From Photo Portraits

You’ve taken a portrait and it’s a great picture. But wait, that pimple will annoy you for evermore unless it’s removed. That’s really easy to do these days with simple photo editing techniques using healing and cloning tools.

3 Reasons Why Buying a Used Digital Camera Is Better Than a New One

Digital cameras have now been around quite a long time. And just like buying a used car, buying a used camera can offer many benefits.

Advice For Buying a Camcorder

There are many great digital camcorders on the market today; each allows you to capture digital film in varying modes and quality. When searching for a new camcorder there is a range of things to be considered to make sure you find the perfect one for you.

Creative Ways To Use For Your Engagment Photograpy Sessions

The proposal went off without a hitch and now your planning for your big day. You now have to convince your significant other to have pictures taken for your engagement announcement. Having your picture taken before your wedding doesn’t seem like it should be part of your wedding preparation. However, it is as important as choosing your venue or picking out you cake flavor.

Beginners Guide to Editing Your Photos

Do you have digital images that just don’t look right?  Pictures often get faded, or gain a greenish or bluish hue.  You can fix these imperfections simply using editing software like PaintShop Pro.

Considering Photojournalism As a Career

Before I attended photography school, I spent a good deal of time perusing the photos in Life magazine. Some of you young photography school students may not have even heard of Life magazine, but at the time it was in existence, it contained some of the most powerful photojournalism out there, and it’s what sent me on my way, young and wide-eyed, to photography school, to learn, as I phrased it, “how to take pictures like that.”

How To Use A Light Meter

Light meters enable you to get precise readings so that you can set your digital camera to obtain the finest exposures feasible. You will understand 2 kinds of metering.

Tips For Panning

Panning is very simple, just set shutter speed, aperture, hold your camera and pan along with moving subject. Guess what will you get? Bingo! A sharp subject with blurred background. Of course, you might think say is easy but do is difficult.

What Is a Polarizer Filter?

A polarizer filter is one of the most important filter accessories for your camera. It helps to cut down on reflections from non-metal surface, giving your pictures a darker sky and more saturated colors and blacks.

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