Turn Your Average Vacation Shots Into Beautiful Photos in Photoshop! | PTH #5

Is Landscape Photography Really Fine Art?

The debate has been going on since photography began, and it still goes on today. Is Landscape Photography really fine art?

Top Tips for Photographing People

Interacting with your subject I’ll start with what I think is the most important thing to think about. As a photographer of people my relationship with my customers is key. Not just because they pay me but also because I want to get the best from them.

Understanding Aperture – A Clear Guide

It seems one of the trickiest aspects of photography to get your head around is the aperture of your cameras lens, be it a highly expensive pro styled lens or the zoom on your point and shoot (most point and shoots will control aperture for you), the aperture of the lens will control aspects of your photography in the same way. Hopefully after reading this short guide you will have a basic understanding and be able to take it further in your photographic life.

What Accessories Do You Need to Get Started With Your DSLR?

In previous tutorials I looked at the relative merits of point-and-shoots and DSLRs, and what to look for in a DSLR. This time I’m pondering accessories – the other bits and bobs you need to get started.

Familiarize These Basic Photography Tips For Outstanding Results!

These basic photography tips will keep you on track to creating beautiful photography. We all take photographs at one time or another and now with the advent of digital cameras, cell phones, iPads and other devices with the capability of taking a photo, it is easy to take snap shots of any scene at any time. We just, point and shoot. With all this going on, the main ingredient of photography is still the same. Good photographs are made by people who understand some basics of photography. So here we will go over some basic photography tips to use as a refresher for some and as a head start for newbie beginners to get a grasp of this wonderful visual medium.

Aperture Priority Vs Shutter Priority

In this article I discuss Aperture and Shutter Speed, and when to use Aperture Priority vs Shutter Priority. The many modes modern cameras can shoot in can sometimes overwhelm their owner. When setting up to take a picture, many DSLR users will use either Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. Both shooting modes are great for specific scenarios. I’m going to help you figure out where you should apply them.

What Equipment Do You Need to Shoot Panoramas for Virtual Tours?

This guide discusses the essential and not so essential equipment that you need to create panoramic photographs for use when filming a virtual tour. I will discuss in some detail what you should be thinking about when you are buying this equipment and why, the problems that each piece of equipment addresses and most importantly the areas where splashing your cash will pay off and where you can save yourself a pretty penny.

Wedding Photography: Tops Tips for the Best Wedding Photograph Composition

Taking Photographs at a Wedding? Find out some great tips on the perfect composition for your snaps.

A First Hand Review of the Nikon S9300 Black

A small frame with superzoom abilities plus a host of stand out features should be an ideal combination to make every point and shoot photographer to wear at least a small grin. Nikon’s latest offering is the S9300 which certainly fits the profile and the budget of any consumer. It features a 1/2.

A First Hand Review of the Nikon S6200

There is a growing demand in the digital camera market for compact superzoom cameras. The demand is pushed predominantly by consumers who are looking to have a compact pocketable camera that has great focal length and produces stunning shots each time and every time. Let’s compare the Nikon S6200 with the Canon PowerShot SX130 IS its main rival.

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