Turn Summer into Winter in Photoshop

How to Win Clients As a Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it, when it comes to the biggest day of your life, your day job matters little. Whether you’re a traffic warden, CEO or indeed a photographer, engaging in holy matrimony is supposed to be one of the most special days of your lives. The problem with such a pinnacle event as a wedding is that they have a tendency to fly by in a blur of emotion. Luckily for professionals such as us, that’s why people hire wedding photographers. But what exactly do prospective lovebirds look for in a photographer? In a world where wedding photographers are seemingly as common as lawyers, how do you stand out from the crowd?

How to Start a Photography Business Without Any Money

So many people have a love of photography and top level cameras, that were simply not around ten years ago. For most people the next step is trying to make some money out of that but no knowing where to turn. Photography forums can be rather daunting places, with a mix of unhelpful advice or old school thinking. Times have moved on for many photography studios and the luxury end is dropping off. To make money today as a photographer it is important to build a long term relationship with new clients to ensure a more stable future.

Fascinating Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a fascinating area of artistic creation in today’s world. Like many areas of abstract art, it can be seen in some ways as a contradictory term, as photography is necessarily a capturing of an image of the objective world, and abstraction can be defined as non-objective imagery.

How You Can Turn Your Photos Into Unique Artwork

Taking pictures is a favorite pastime of many people. You do not need great skill in order to take an amazing picture, but if you want to add even more creativity to your work, you could consider putting your favorite photos on canvasses.

What Is A Neutral Density Camera Filter?

Neutral density or ND filters have the sole purpose of cutting down the amount of light as a whole. A perfect neutral density filter would transmit all wavelengths of light equally, so there would be no color change. Though not actually perfect, it can be used equally well with color photography or black and white photography.

The Canon Kiss X4 Is Lightweight and Great for The Beginner

Few of us are specialist digital camera users and we don’t require the highest-end, complex models. So for us, the Canon Kiss X4 is a very good choice. Canon says that it is a good first camera but nonetheless has good resolution and image quality. If you’d like a DSLR camera which is compact and simple to use, it seems that this one may suit your needs.

The Value of a Professional Photographer for Your Family Portraits

Many people balk at the prices professional photographers charge for session fees and prints. Allow me to help you understand why this is so valuable for your preserving your memories.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing an Internship in Photography

This article is geared towards the process of landing an internship in photography. There is too much useless information about internships on the internet. Find out how to really land an internship in photography.

Three Reasons Why the Digital Camera Age Has Lowered the Quality of Wedding Photography

Too many people think that aunt Sarah, who loves to take pictures and has a pretty darn good digital camera, will do an adequate job taking their wedding photos. High mega-pixel digital cameras have brought amateur wedding photographers out of the woodwork. Why is that?

How to Organise, Edit, Find (and Not Lose) Your Digital Images

Two months ago, I had c.6,500+ photographs in my hard drive. I had no idea which ones I liked best, when they were taken or whether they were worth keeping. More worryingly, I had no back up copies of any of them in case of a disaster. In short, my photo organisation was a mess.

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