The Truth About Photoshop’s Background Eraser Tool

Stealthy Selfies: Tips for Taking Quality Self-Portraits That Look Professional

Ever want a fabulous social media portrait without looking like an egoist? Use these tips for taking self-portrait photography, and your friends will never guess that you’ve taken those fabulous photos of yourself.

Tips to Buy a Point-And-Shoot Camera

There are some features that you should checkout before you buy a point-and-shoot camera. The camera should be sized to fit in the palm of your hand and allow easy access to the controls. These point and shoots are perfect for novice photographers.

Photographing Australia – Tom Price – The Young Town In An Ancient Land

A bustling hub of mining activity juxtaposed with some of the oldest land formations on earth provides unique photo opportunities. Tom Price is the highest town in Western Australia, an oasis in the rugged Pilbara area of Western Australia. Tom Price is also the gateway to the unique gorges of Karijini National Park.

Understanding Your Digital Camera: Auto-Focus

How much do you really know about your digital cameras auto-focus function? What’s it all about and how does it work? Read this article to learn more.

Get Your Start in the Field of Product Photography

Product photography is a field within commercial photography or, more colloquially, advertising photography. The end goal for advertising photography is to illustrate and eventually sell a product or service. Editing techniques like photoshopping and retouching the portrayed product can be used to make the product seem more appealing to consumers.

Reasons Why Photo Books Are Better Than Digital Albums

Times may be changing so it’s best to document every important detail in your life. But instead of storing them in places where they will gather dust or not end up being seen at all like in DVDs, create a photo book.

What an Engagement Photographer Can Do To Make The Event Extra Special

There is no way that you will never fall in love. The place is perfect since it promotes stunning scenery describing romance and stories of some sort. And if you have decided on the beautiful Garden State to have your wedding held, the event must be captured through hiring a professional photographer.

How Expert Wedding Photographers Capture Emotional Photos

Being a wedding photographer requires that you constantly improve, experiment and come up with fresh ideas. It is an ongoing challenge that you need to overcome even if you are an established professional. We look at a few tips that should help anyone capture great emotional photos.

Stuck for Inspiration? Don’t Forget Your Roots – Here Are 5 Key Ideas for Photographers

There is a famous quote that alludes to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, while agreeing with this quote, it is essential to state that a well taken photograph is worth much more than a thousand words. This article offers advice on making sure your photographs are worthy of the quote.

Tips to Prepare You For Your First Boudoir Photography Session

After scheduling your first boudoir photo session, you’ll have many questions. I’ve put together a list to help you prepare for your big day. Following these boudoir tips will leave you with a great set of sexy photos to share with your special man or keep to yourself, either way you’ll look great, feel great and have an awesome time.

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