The Trick For Perfect “Masks” In Photoshop’s Camera Raw!

The Dreamy Look for Video and Photography

Pinhole photography for video and stills has been mostly forgotten in the digital age. Here is an article about how you can jazz up your kit with pinhole lenses.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Photos

In this article, you would be introduced to tips that would improve your photos. Photography is a skill that can be learned easily and here’s how you can improve it…

Advanced Digital Photography Cameras to Help You Master the Technique

The latest digital cameras hitting the market come blessed with an extensive collection of features. Let us have a look at some advanced gadgets that are popular among the users.

Best Waterproof Camera

This article offers a few tips in regards to Waterproof Camera Reviews. It also gives details so people are thoroughly informed.

For His Eyes Only: A Wedding Boudoir Photography of A Dazzling You

Boudoir photography is a new style in picture taking. It is actually a surprise from you to your groom come your wedding day! No, it is not even close to X-rated pics; it is more of “implied exposure”. You do not bare your physical assets, you just sort of tease with your poses.

Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special by Hiring a Photo Booth

Many couples who are getting married are looking for new and fun ways to make the day memorable and capture all those funnies moment that are normally missed. Couples also want to add something different and amusing for their guests to enjoy while they are attending.

Understanding Your DSLR Settings – NO Thinking Allowed

Know your gear intuitively. Understand the exposure pyramid fluently. If you are consciously thinking of your settings you’re not there.

Opt For Excellent Dance School Photography

There are things you must consider if you wish to make your business prosper. One of these is to employ the best professional to work for you.

Is Airbrushing Photographs Misleading?

You see a stunning girl on the front cover of your favourite magazine, and you think “wow she is perfect, I wish I looked like her.” She has perfect skin, a perfect figure and enviable hair. Well believe it or not, 9 times out of 10, magazine editors airbrush their models so they are unrecognisable from their “real” selves.

When Planning Event Photography

In this article I am going to talk about what tools might help with event photography, what you can do to help yourself as a photographer and what additional costs might occur. I will talk about what additional options could be added as an extra for clients.

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