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Photography Tips

If you’ve mastered the basics of framing, shooting, and taking a photograph, try taking it further. Make it a hobby, or maybe even a career, rather than taking the usual holiday, pet, and kid snapshots. It is time to start making stunning, rather than simply passable, photographs.

Cameras Best Suited For Astrophotography

People with a keen interest in photography can specialize in various fields. It can either be on land, under the sea or up in the sky. For those who love the sky, astrophotography is a nice field to focus on.

How to Photograph Landscapes?

You might be wondering how the beautiful landscape photographs shown in magazines are shot. The colors are so vibrant and the compositions are always interesting, the way they guide your view from the foreground to a main subject to the background. Everything is sharp in focus.

Advantages of Photo Printing Online

One of these modern methods is photo printing online. Surely, the traditional way of printing pictures using a roll of film and developing in a darkroom are still available. But the options are usually limited when it comes to the type and size of prints. If you’ve tried ordering larger prints, the prices are also unreasonable.

Discover Your Personal Photography Style With Reflections

Photographing reflections is a style you can develop because reflections are mostly unnoticed by the average person, so therefore you have a chance at being unique and showing the world something only you have seen. This article helps you discover the types of reflections, their features, how to notice them, and a common mistake photographers make.

Top Qualities of a Fashion Photographer

Creative, talented, and skillful are just three of the many characteristics that most fashion photographers possess. You may encounter several of them who do not have formal education, but have the raw ability and keen eye to shoot excellent photos. Some people think that photography comes out of a hobby and may be developed overtime. It is true, in some cases. But there are also pro photographers with either a diploma or tertiary degree to back up their resume.

How to Become a Photographer in 6 Steps

All of us are photographers whether we use our mobile cameras, a compact digital camera or a DSLR. But many of us have toyed with the idea of taking on photography as a career. These 6 steps will show you how anyone, with dedication and work, can build a career in this lucrative area.

Photographing Traditional Jakarta Cuisine: Ready to Accept the Challenge?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and is a melting pot where domestic as well as foreign immigrants mingle with local inhabitants, commonly called the Betawi people. The mixing with other cultures makes Jakarta rich with culinary choices. Ironically, local delicacies have gradually become forgotten.

How to Create a Double Exposure Without Using Photoshop

As the avid amateur photographer I’m always looking for new ways that I can capture an image and ultimately present this image to my audience with a fresh perspective. I have experimented with creating novel looks using editing software like Photoshop, but ultimately I enjoy creating visual effects with just my digital SLR camera alone. I recently discovered a new trick effect that I had never used before known as Double Exposure.

Ways to Make Money Online: Get Paid to Sell Photos on Stock Photography Sites

Selling digital pictures online can help you earn a steady income and have fun at the same time. If you have a camera and a passion for taking pictures, you can turn your hobby into a lucrative business opportunity. There are many websites that will pay you for selling royalty-free stock pictures.

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