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Olympia Photos Inspire Curiosity About The History Of The Olympics

Just looking at Olympia photos can make anyone want to jump on a plane and head out for Greece. Pictures of the Temple of Zeus and the Palaestra take you back to the very beginnings of Olympic competition and you can almost hear the pounding footsteps of the athletes as they race around the track. Those Olympia pictures also might make you curious to know more about the history of the Olympics.

Wedding Photography in Cardiff – Useful Hints and Tips

Wedding Photography in Cardiff is all about preparation. That is a fairly wide topic in itself, but mastering the basics first is a huge step forward in capturing your first wedding in Cardiff.

Photography in Brecon Beacons

Photographing the Brecon Beacons is a round the year wonder, you can be climbing Pen Y Fan in glorious sunny weather, as I have on many occasions and making wonderful use of the Upper Neuadd Reservoir, or you can be climbing headfirst into a snowy spindrift on the Corn Du steps just before the summit. The Brecon Beacons has it all for photographers, reservoirs, hills, mountains, low lying valleys, lines in the landscapes, reserves, long walks, short walks, ice climbing, skiing, busy climbs and quiet walks where you are unlikely to meet a soul. These are many of the…

How to Use the Cokin Filter System to Take Properly Exposed Landscape Photos

Typically, it is difficult to take properly exposed landscape photos because the sky is much brighter than the land so a camera’s exposure meter averages the exposure. In the resulting photo, the sky is usually blown out with no cloud detail and the sky isn’t deep blue. A polarizing filter will help darken the sky but what is often needed is a graduated filter to get the proper exposure.

How to Build Clients for Your Photography Business

The accomplishments photography company is dependent upon establishment of a person’s in your identify. Should you be undertaking a internet based professional photography company you need to get the interest with clientele utilizing promotions. A great portfolio is really important when getting proven in the industry.

Lighting Setup In Your Home Photography Studio

Lighting is a very important aspect in photography. Whether you’re shooting indoor or outdoor and regardless of the type of digital camera you’re using, proper lighting makes a huge difference in your images. In short, the light puts the life in your photos.

Tips For The Bride And Groom On Getting The Best Wedding Day Photo Results

Contributing to the planning and preparing of your wedding day photos can do a lot of improve their outcome. Despite the fact that your wedding photographer is a professional, your assistance can ensure that you get the best results from your wedding day photos. Select a wedding photographer whom you are comfortable with since the photographer is usually in the bride’s dressing room as she is getting ready.

A Guide for Beginners on Hummingbird Photography

Hummingbirds are beautiful and amazing little creatures to watch. However, trying to photograph these little “speeders” can be quite a challenge. Here is a guide to help beginners with the challenges of Hummingbird Photography.

Canon or Nikon Digital SLR Cameras – Which Brand Is The Best?

If you’re looking for a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) then you can’t go far wrong in choosing from the Canon or Nikon range of cameras. But the closer you look the more difficult it becomes to choose between them. This article sets out to help you make that all-important decision.

Which Produces The Best Images – Canon 5D Mark II or Nikon D7000?

Thinking of buying a Canon 5D Mark II or a Nikon D7000? This article not only tells you which one produces the best images, but also highlights some differences between these two digital SLR cameras.

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