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Wedding Photography Tips – The Best Three Tips For Taking Wedding Photographs!

This article gives three of the most important wedding photography tips to make an excellent job of photographing your friends’ or relatives’ Wedding Day. This article cuts to the chase and has some great tips for getting the most from the day and doing as professional a job as possible. It’s presented in a ‘no nonsense’ way with limited technical jargon that’s easy to follow.

How to Take Better Pictures for Beginning Photographers

This article will explore how to improve your digital photography through helping you to understand the various camera functions such as ISO(ASA) shutter speed, aperture. The article will also give you tips as to how to hand hold a shot which will allow you as a photographer to take shots at longer shutter speed durations, eliminating camera shake to a certain extent. I will also explain what shutter speeds are used in various situations.

Creative Exposure Setting

Before pressing the shutter on your camera, many choices are made regarding exposure i.e. aperture, shutter speed, and ISO setting. In theory there are various technically correct exposure settings, but is it the best creative exposure? Have you thought of the validity of your subject before setting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO? If not then you haven’t been taking creative photos.

Wedding And Portrait Photography – Using Offline Methods To Advertise Your Business

There are so many ways to advertise and market your business and this article discusses all the offline methods that you can use to really get your business out there. Wedding Fayres: There are plenty of wedding fayres out there – do not necessarily go for the cheapest, go for the ones that attract the market you are aiming for. When you get enquiries at wedding fayres, try to get any interested persons’ email address so that you can send them additional literature or an email…

Wedding And Portrait Photography – Advertising And Marketing Your Business On The Internet

It is essential to have an excellent marketing plan – without efficient marketing you will not generate the worthwhile enquiries that you wish for. You want to be looking for leads that convert into sales. There is little repeat business in wedding photography and work from recommendations can take some time to trickle through.

Tips For Photographing A Group of People With Kodak Z981

Photo is the documentation of an incident. photographs or documentation has the meaning of a journey. Each object to be filmed or photographed have the technical demands of its own. Photographing objects of art, scenery, or people, for example, different technical demands. When photographing people no matter how different to people who clustered or in groups, people who are working, people who are in the market, or people who are exercising let alone use such cameras Kodak z981.

Review of the Tokina Fisheye Zoom Lens for Canon and Nikon

The Tokina Fisheye Lens for Nikon and Canon Digital cameras is one of the most versatile third-party fisheye lenses on the market today. This lens is optimized for Canons and Nikons that have the APS-C sized sensors with a crop factor of 1.6x (Canon) and 1.5x (Nikon).

Boudoir Art Photography – Your First Step in Learning

Boudoir Art is a field of photography that intends to present the subject in her most beautiful form. “Boudoir” is French for “lady’s bedroom”. Its literal translation might lead you to think that this genre goes hand in hand with sexual innuendo but that is not the ambition of Boudoir Art. Women feel the need to be sexy, to be beautiful, and to be regarded with admiration and not shameless lust. Although the latter might be an unavoidable reaction to this sexy art, it exists mainly to enable women to channel their beauty and sexuality through images of themselves. There are six distinct styles available for them to do so: classic beauty, fashion, artistic, pin-up, sensual, and provocative.

Digital Exposure Guide – Camera Settings Explained

Do you ever wonder how to use all the exposure controls on a camera? It may look complex, but there are only 3 camera settings to control exposure (excluding flash).

Three Wedding Photography Tips for Having a Fun Wedding Reception

When the time comes for you to get married, there are a few important things to consider that will greatly affect your wedding memories and your wedding pictures.  How can you be sure that you will have a fun wedding and a fun wedding reception?

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