The Golden Ratio Explained #Shorts

Wedding Photography Checklist for the Reception Shoot

Wedding photography service for the reception is an important part of the wedding coverage. Some important check points need to be considered for a quality photo shoot.

Why Nikon Is Still a Market Leader in Cameras

For almost a century, Nikon Corporation has remained the top choice of casual and professional photographers worldwide. It has evolved over the years and is now owned by the Mitsubishi Group. Specializing in imaging and all forms of optics, the company manufactures products for consumers, governments or research organizations worldwide.

The History of Giclee Printing

This is a short history of giclee printing. The article includes how giclee printing started, the development of giclee printing through the years, to present day advances.

What Does the ISO Setting on My Camera Mean and How Do I Use It to Take Better Pictures?

This article discusses what the ISO setting on your camera does and explains the impact of changing the ISO on the look of your final photograph. In simple terms, the ISO rating determines how sensitive the digital sensor on your camera is to light. It is a throwback to the film days when film speed was rated by the ISO standard (the smaller the number, the lower the light sensitivity of the film).

How Do I Use Shutter Speed to Take Better Photographs?

This article discusses what the shutter speed setting on your camera does and explains how your picture looks when this is changed. In simple terms, the shutter setting controls the length of time the shutter is open when taking a photograph. Shutter speed is expressed in seconds with the setting corresponding to the length of time the shutter is open – hence a setting of 1/500 means the shutter is open for 1/500 of a second (a very short period of time) versus a shutter speed of, say, 2 seconds (a longer period of time).

Photography Jobs – Stylish and Creative Jobs for You

In today’s fashionable world, photography jobs are one of the popular choices among the many job fields. The world today consists of photography. It plays an important role, from morning newspapers to late night movie shows, it making our life more beautiful, informative and easy.

Tips To Help You Sell Your Stock Images

The competition is rough for gaining the highest rankings on search engine lists. Because of this fierce competition, you will need to work hard at choosing words most descriptive of your images. Think about the particular audience you think will be most interested in certain types of images when labeling them for search engine eyes.

The Importance Of Understanding The Positive Impact That The Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS Has

Overview Most people would really grab the opportunity of having the newest model of compact camera the Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS. This camera is the newest model that is equipped with both the previous models features plus additional new and unique features of its own. The kinds of features that this compact camera has have been the upgraded version of the previous models which has been modified in this new camera in order to fit with its new mode. There may be so much alike on its previous models yet it is very different from before because of the kind of sensor that this camera is having this time.

This Years Latest Photographic Patterns

Over the last few years there have been numerous smartphones released that feature powerful cameras. This has helped to generate a huge amount of new interest in photography, and created completely new genres. This year it is being predicted that the reign of the camera-phone is coming to an end. Realistically, although the quality of the images produced by the latest Android powered handsets and iPhones is high, nothing can compare to the professionalism of using a real standalone camera.

Exploring Some Legal Guidelines For Stock Photography Professionals

The economy today has caused many kinds of designers to think about their budgets. This is one reason royalty-free licenses are most common and more popular than other choices. However, images sold under a royalty-free license can be used by other people as well. This could be hazardous to your client’s branding needs for a particular image.

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