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How a Simple Everyday Item Can Turn Into a Perfect Prop for Your Outdoor Photo Shoots

Some of you might have already thought of some potential items that can be effectively used. Indeed, when you look around you, at home, office, attic you will notice many handy objects that can be of use. But, one simple item that I have found very useful is a basic white sheet. Indeed, there are a number of interesting things you can do with a white sheet while shooting an outdoor photo session.

The Art of Taking Candid Portraits

Taking good portraits requires planning and fore-thought from the photographer as well as the model or the subject. There are many points that you as a photographer should keep in mind, before you can embark on the journey as professional or hobbyist portrait photographer.

Advantages of Elevated Photography

Taking photographs from an eye level is a good practice when you are engaged in the art of street photography or portrait photography. Eye level photographs will engage your viewer in a direct manner and will convey the emotions, expressions and feelings of the subject or model in the fullest possible way. Elevated photography is another genre of photography often neglected or avoided by new comers and amateurs.

Advantages of Low Angle Photography

One of the most popular angles to shoot is from the photographer’s standing point of view. While is fine with landscape and other general purpose photography, it does not create high impact visually arresting images. Most of the professional photographers, who have mastered the art of photography by experimenting and self learning, produce stunning and engaging photographs that have been taken from low angle.

Be A Fine Art Photographer

So, you want to be a fine art photographer, not just a snap-shotter. Now, how do you go about it? What do you have to do to accomplish that? Well, there are some particular skills and some specialized knowledge that need to be acquired. They are outlined here. This is where your journey begins.

Ways To Make Money With Photography

In this horrible economy, it is often necessary to try to supplement your income. Instead of getting a low paying second job, try to think of other fun ways to earn extra money. There are many ways to make money with photography.

Wedding Photography Style: Traditional, Contemporary and Documentary

It’s fair to say that us photographers can sometimes baffle people with jargon – especially when describing our styles of photography, such as traditional, reportage, contemporary, documentary, photojournalistic etc. So, here we have set out the 3 styles main styles on offer today. Of course, some photographers offer hybrids that pinch elements from all 3 of these style but most offer one main photographic style.

Steps to Improving Your Landscape Photography

How many times have you been driving and wanted to stop and take a shot of that breathtaking landscape. You then stop, look around and the shot even looks better. Your heart even skips a beat.

Photography In A Pinch

Good photographers try to be prepared for almost any contingency. Unfortunately, if you tried to carry everything you’d need to meet every contingency in the field, you’d have to pack like a Bedouin trader. Many times that simply isn’t possible and other times it’s not desirable. So the seasoned photographer learns to be resourceful. Here are a few miscellaneous tips that can save your back, particularly on short trips near home.

Best Nikon Camera For Beginners: Don’t Buy That New SLR Camera – Not Until You Have Read This!

So you have embraced the world of digital photography and now searching for the best Nikon camera for beginners. This could be one of the best moves you have ever made especially if you want to get serious in creating stunning shots, after all using a digital SLR camera has lots of perks; they are designed for versatility, speed and excellent quality images even in poor lighting conditions.

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