The City That Finally Sleeps: An Interview with Mark Seliger

Landscape Photography Photo Tip – 3 More Ways To Get Better Sunset Photography!

Knowing what format you should use, and when the best times to shoot are… are vital if you want better sunset photography. Here are three tips you can use, starting today!

Need Nude Models? Do These 7 Things First!

Beginning photographers often have trouble getting top models (especially if they have no money!) But if you spend a little time “foundation building” first, you’ll have a much easier time getting models to work with you.

Macro Photography – Intro

An Introduction to Macro Photography. A brief of the stages involved.

Landscape Photography Photo Tip – How To Add A Person To Get Better Sunset Photography!

Adding a person as the star of your sunset photo will add a lot. But it also has it’s own set of problems. Here are the solutions…

Inspiration – People

For me one of the most inspiring subjects in my photography tool bag is People, their faces, their behavior and their interactions with others provide so many unique and entertaining photographic opportunities. I consider the elderly my favorite group to photograph, as for me their faces carved by the passage of time, hold a true fascination.

Using a Point and Shoot Camera

Most photographers that take their work seriously don’t have use for a point and shoot camera. Or do they? This article has some info, as well as a fun technique, for using a point and shoot camera.

Aerial Photography History

Aerial photography has come a long way from its inception back in the 1800s. In the quest to take a photograph from an aerial perspective, lots of different things were attempted.

Landscape Photography Photo Tip – Get Better Sunset Photography With Silhouettes!

To get the best impact with our sunsets, we need a star. Here is how to add one – in silhouette.

Photo Tip – How To Shoot Better Sunset Photography!

Sooner or later, we all try our hand at sunset photography. Generally, the first attempts are dismal failures, here is why…

Silhouettes: A Stunning Specialty

The reason silhouettes are so engaging is that they are very open to interpretation. No matter who or what your subject might be, your viewer of the photo has the opportunity to imagine what is unfolding in the scene.

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