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7 Reasons to Pay a Professional Photographer

When considering whether or not to hire a professional to capture your special occasion, there are many many good reasons to do so. If your budget will not stretch to it, then go ahead and ask a friend, relative to take pictures. However if you can afford a professional, it’s important to understand what you get in return for the fee you pay

DSLR Photography Basics

So you got a new SLR for Christmas or upgraded from your previous camera and wondering how exactly do I get the most out of this new camera? When it comes to taking an image or exposure, knowing how the aperture, shutter speed and ISO interrelate will put you in a position to take better photos. You can use these there elements to control the exposure of whatever you are shooting.

7 Tips On How To Print Photos On Canvas

Printing photos on canvas has become more common these days, and not just with professional photographers but with hobbyists too. Printing your pictures on large canvas pieces is a great way to express your creativity. You are creative when you take a photo and more so when you use your pictures as wall decor for your home or office.

Professional Photography – How Much Should You Charge?

You are now your own boss and you haven’t a clue how to come up with the pricing for you services. The fact is you are the only one who can set these parameters. There are however a few rules of thumb that are inherent in any enterprise as far as pricing is concerned.

Chromogenic Black-And-White Negative Film

Chromogenic black and white negative film is a very unique black and white film. It can be routinely exposed at EIs of between ISO 50 and 800 on the same roll and then processed normally. In extreme cases, EIs of up to ISO 1600 are possible by extending development times, although with some quality loss.

Camera Flashes – What Are the Advantages of Using Them?

Camera flashes are used to provide an extra degree of strategic lighting the moment that the camera takes the photo. It is virtually impossible to find a camera these days that does not have a built-in flash feature, but these do not always satisfy the photographer’s needs.

Buying a New Digital Camera

Buying a new camera can be a very daunting thing, especially for the newcomers to photography who are still grappling with terms like ‘megapixels’, ‘f-stop’ and ‘focal length’. These newbies are lucky enough to be starting out in what can be a wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding art and buying your first camera, is as exciting as buying your very first car.

Wedding Photographer Tips – How to Shoot in Direct Sunlight

Being a wedding photographer in the tropics, I am often forced to shoot the formal portraits in harsh sunlight. This is because couples love having their formal portraits shot on the beautiful beaches we have here. The problem is the wedding schedule is often set where I am shooting these formal shots during the worst time of day.

Photoshop Cloning – The Clone Tools

One of the most important skills to master in Adobe Photoshop is how to clone. The real trick, is that there are more options you can use, than just the Clone Stamp Tool. You also have the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, and Patch Tool. Once you get those under your belt, there are more advanced tools that you can use, like Content Aware, and Vanishing Point. Now that I have brought them to your attention, Let’s take a look at these in some detail.

Modeling Photography Poses – Learn The Techniques That Will Make Your Photos Look Stunning!

It’s important both as a model and a photographer to understand the importance of posing. Find out more on how you can improve this important skill.

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