The Best Way To Place a Logo Into a Shirt in Photoshop! #shorts

Bring Your Photography To Life With Stunning Video Slideshows

I want to let you in on my little secret. It is about how I bring photographs to life by creating professional video slideshows that look like they cost hundreds of dollars.

Show Your Sensual Side With Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is an excellent way to explore your inner goddess and to display your sensuality for your own enjoyment or as a special gift to the one you love. These tastefully done photos are a great gift idea for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, or any other special occasion. Regardless of your age, shape, or level of modesty, there is a boudoir photo shoot that will bring out your best and will provide the perfect, personalized gift for your special someone.

Understanding Different Aspects of Corporate Photography

When a company publishes an in-house newsletter or even a brochure to hand out to shareholders, it will count on corporate photography to represent the company. Images used in many employee communication pieces are to introduce employees to new equipment or to new faces they might see around the business. Having a job in corporate photography often gives you an inside look at what is going on within the company before it is announced to everyone else.

Capture the Moment With Engagement Photography

Celebrating and memorializing an engagement is important to many couples because it signifies the first official step toward committing to one another for life. Because it is so important, increasing numbers of couples are choosing to have engagement photography sessions. While these types of shoots have been around for quite a while, they have only recently started to become a mainstream trend.

Photography an Important Tool in Life

Photography is the process of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium like film or an electronic sensor. The products of photography are called negatives and photographs, the latter being developed from the negatives. Light patterns reflected or emitted by objects activate a sensitive chemical or electronic sensor during a timed exposure usually through a photographic lens in a camera. The camera stores the resulting information chemically or electronically.

Sony NEX – Cameras for the NEX Generation

The camera and optics market has long been flooded with innumerable options for camera equipment ranging from state of art full screen DSLR variant to rather cheap quality imports. Now, not everyone can afford the luxury of a full frame DSLR, leaving them with no option but to settle for either a compact camera or a super zoom variant. Thanks to Sony, photography enthusiasts can have the features of a DSLR camera without having to burn a hole in their pockets by opting to go for a camera from its latest offering, the NEX range.

Food Photography Tips – How To Take Better Food Photos

If you want to take some high quality food photographs for your business, or you just want some pics for your blog, when you take a food photo you want it to look delicious and appetizing. In this article we cover the top tips to help you get better food photos.

Photographers – Make Extra Money With Stock Photos

Stock photography is one way to make money with your digital SLR camera. This article is about how to get your pictures sold using stock photo websites.

Digital Camera: What to Look for in a Point-And-Shoot

There are two types of Digital Cameras available today: Single-lens-reflex (SLR) and Point-and-Shoot. DSLR cameras tends to gave higher quality images, hence the price that can range from US$1000-US$3000. A decent Point-and-Shoot digital camera can give you almost the same quality pictures for under US$500.

Sony 35mm 1.4 Lens Review – A Fast and Wide Lens

The Sony 35mm 1.4 is one of the models from the Minolta era but it has some unique features including the ADI support. It also looks like the Sony Alpha models and one of the aspects that make it look unique is its large maximum aperture which allows you to get shallow depth of field. The Sony 35mm 1.4 has a good build because of its metal body. Its tolerances are high and the lens is small compared to other models. The focus ring on this lens is all rubber and it is found at the front making it easy to operate. The lens’ physical size does not change even when you alter the focusing distance.

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