The 8 Special BLEND MODES in Photoshop – 2 Hidden Differences

Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 3 – The Still Life Setup!

The still life setup should begin with the background. It is a more vital part of the composition than most of us think!

Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 4 – The Still Life Photography Setup!

Studying still life composition is the fastest and easiest way to master photo composition. Plus you can do it at home! You don’t have to worry about being in the right place at the right time.

What Is Giclee

Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. Giclee is a term used for fine art digital prints made on special large format printer inkjet printers. A giclee is an individually produced, high tech reproduction of an original work of art that was created by conventional means.

Newborn Photography Safety Guidelines All Professional Photographers Should Adopt

If you are looking at photographing a subject that’s has pure natural beauty, delicate, and full of super cuteness. You should look no further than a precious day old newborn. You can’t find another subject that will give you so much pleasure while shooting and even more after shooting. This is why photographers should be very mindful of the risks involved when choosing to become a newborn photographer. There are important safety procedures that should be followed. This will ensure that no accident or injury occurs to the delicate newborn while in your care.

Backlighting: Not Just for Portraits

While backlighting is sometimes overlooked in photography outside of the portrait setting, it is nonetheless an important skill that can enhance many of your creative photographic endeavors. With options such as hair lighting, transparency of fabrics, or classic silhouettes, you can produce some rather stunning results in several types of photographs.

What the Heck Is the Point of Landscape Photography?

Is landscape photography really only about taking pretty pictures, or is there something more to it? Lets delve into the point of creating photographs of our surroundings, and what it is that makes certain images GREAT.

How to Look Great in Photos

When the camera comes out you can learn a lot about the people in any given group. On the one hand there will be those who throw themselves to the center flamboyantly and strike some sort of heroic pose, and on the other there will be those who cringe and try to sink into the background. If you are one of the latter then you will find that it’s very difficult to avoid being in photos some of the time, and it’s time to boost your confidence so that you can take center stage at weddings and parties in future…

Jumpstart Your Career With Digital Design Schools

Amongst career choices, has been increasingly popular nowadays. In fact, aside from graphic design schools, a lot of reputable universities and other learning institutions are offering programs that will provide you with the technological expertise and essential skills that you will need to become a professional designer.

Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 2 – Still Life Photography Ideas At Home!

Still life photography is fun and vastly rewarding! Check out this article to learn how to select your subject matter!

Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 1 – Still Life Photography Definition

Shooting still life photos can be and is a time tested strategy way to master photo techniques! Don’t know why? Check it out!

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