Telephoto Extremes from Macro to Max with George Lepp | OPTIC 2021

Photography From Fortune to Frivolous

An explosion of interest has followed the rapid evolution of digital photography presenting unprecedented opportunities for quality images. Sadly this opportunity is often ignored in favour of quantity in the mistaken belief that amongst enough images there will be a few good ones. We cannot simply rely on ‘a good camera’ yet sadly, photography is the most democratised art and quality is the casualty

Birding Photography Tip: Control Shortcuts

Tips for using your DSLR camera fast. These tips make it easier for you to get great pictures when you are out birding.

Ways of Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer

It is very alluring to think that small and mid sized photography agencies are very much rolling with their business. It is very obvious that nothing comes so easy and naturally for small entities in any domain. It is only through dedicated work and discipline you get to taste success and if you are a professional wedding photographer, you can dream of positive results and success in no time through your efforts.

Capturing the Right Moment

Learn all the basics skills, if you are a beginner, in order to create a perfect wedding photograph or any other pictures. For the expert photographer, learn how to continuously fine tune your skills and along the way, pick up some new techniques.

Composition – Ten Tips for Amazing Results

Composition tips for the landscape photographer. Learn 10 simple rules then how to break them.

Using Commercial Photography to Sell Products

One of the most enduring vehicles in terms of selling products to consumers is the still image. From then till now, using pictures to entice people to buy something or avail themselves of a service is still very effective. This is why commercial photography continues to be a thriving sub-industry.

L Series Lens

As a professional you want to use the best tools to get the, finest and fastest results to make your deadline. Professional photographers use the best lenses to put on the front of their cameras to achieve those results.

How To Take Digital Photos – Tips Galore

Is taking digital photos something you are having a little trouble getting your head around? Maybe you’ve been at it for a while and just haven’t been able to produce that one SHOT that you have been hoping to capture. I hope you’re not the one that was in charge of taking photos that day at your child’s birthday party or that amazingly fun trip you took and all of your digital photos came out really bad. Our photos capture memorable moments in our lives and there is nothing more frustrating than having those memories captured in a bad photo.

How To Take Digital Photos – DPI Vs PPI

Many people seem to get hung up on the DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch) setting within a digital photo as a measure of the quality of those photos. It seems as if there are some people who get hung up on rather dots per inch (DPI) has a better quality than pixels per inch (PPI). If you know of someone that is having this dilemma send them on over here so I can tell em…

How To Take Digital Photos – It’s Simple

Your digital camera is equipped with the technological know-how to take your photos on the go. Your camera may also have a preview screen that will show you your shot before you snap it, stopping any digital photos that may not be the shot you want. As with anything else your digital camera has it’s pros and cons. I like to have fun with my digital camera.

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