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Top 10 Tips to Taking a Great Picture

This article gives tips on how to take better pictures. From lighting to point of view, some small changes can make a big difference.

How to Take Better Photographs Right Away

How to Take Better Photographs Right Away with some simple yet advanced tips for taking better pictures! You will laugh when you find out how simple it is to take amazing pictures with any camera.

Useful Digital Photography Tips – Stop Throwing Away Your Old Film Photo Prints

We have to admit that film photo prints can be destroyed easily if we don’t take good care of them. The color of the photos fades as time goes by. The photos turn yellow after many years. When you have a lot of photo collections, you need to look for space to keep them. The place you store the photos must be dry and cool. When you need to move, you are required to bring along the heavy photo prints.

Efficient Digital Photography

Like professional photographers, the digital camera plays a significant role in the life of people who are not serious about photography. Gradually they become required device for all professional photographers. The very reason for this quick change is that the digital camera simplified the task of taking photos and shooting videos.

Bird Watching, Photography and the Moment One Officially Becomes a “Birder”

The term, “birder,” in fact, kind of grew out of a distaste in the birding community for the original descriptive term, “bird watcher,” as the latter implies that that is all there is to it – watching the birds – when in fact many avid birders take pain to memorize bird calls as well a visual identification. Nonetheless, many birders never take to learn birdcalls, but are rather satisfied with photographing and watching them just the same. There are backyard bird watchers, front yard bird watchers, watchers wandering the neighborhood, watchers traveling far and wide to stalk and revel…

Learn Why You Should Not Leave Your New Digital Camera in Programme Mode

For the last 5 years, maybe even 10, digital cameras have been great and the good news is they get better and better. Whilst these technological advances are to be welcomed with open arms, their superior picture taking qualities have made you lazy. Yes I am talking to you!

Make Your Photos Super Sharp Part 4 – Choosing Lenses

Lenses are more important than cameras. Yes, if you want to take super sharp photos you must choose good lenses. You can choose zoom lenses or fixed focus prime lenses, lenses attached to a camera or interchangeable lenses. What’s your best approach with a limited budget?

Tips for Marketing Beach Photography

For those photographers who live along the coast, beach photography can be one of the most profitable ways to expand a business. This article looks at some things a photographer can do to take awesome beach images.

Be Specific While Choosing Business Stock Images for Magazines

Appropriate business stock images can complement you magazine’s stories. However, it is an accepted fact that most of the writers face difficulties while choosing images for their respective stories. This article intends to enlighten the readers about the right way of choosing business stock images.

LX5 Review of DSLR

Technologies nowadays has flourished with the development of computers, and lately, digital photography has certainly made film old school. Just fifteen years ago, nobody could even imagine seeing a photo on an LCD screen at the rear of the camera was achievable.

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