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4 Reasons Photographers Should Always Carry A Tablet

A tablet is the best tool for displaying your portfolio and networking. Surprisingly many photographers do not even own one, let alone carry one around. In this article, we will cover the four main reasons photographers should always carry a tablet by comparing them to popular tools of choice such as a website. At the end we will look at what features you need to make getting the right one easier.

How To Photograph A Kid’s Birthday Party

When you ask expert photographers for birthday parties about their experience in capturing children, the answer you will get from most of them is that capturing children is not always easy. This type of party will have its own challenges and it will provide unique opportunities as well as per the words of these experts. An expert in this field adds that when it comes to partying with kids, there will be a lot of clutter, a lot of chaotic places with moving subjects and also there will be only a little space for photographers to get the right angle…

Camera Basics 101

Getting to know your new camera. Learn about your Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO or film speed.

Wildlife Photography Tips

Before you start – check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Think about waterproofs (for you and your camera) or sun-block and a lens hood for the summer days.

Photography Basics – How to Take Good Photos

There are many reasons why one gets into photography, for many it’s a way of living and for some it’s purely a passion. Whatever may be the reason for getting into photography, taking a good photo always makes you happy.

Know the Three Basic Steps to Enhance the Quality of Your Digital Photographs

It is quite easy to blame on one’s camera in case the images do not come as compared to some other images, which one may come across online. However, if one tries to follow certain basic steps as detailed below, it will be possible to enhance the quality of your digital photographs and you do not have to spend a lot in buying a more expensive new camera.

How to Make Money From Digital Photography

If you are a skilled photographer, there is a possibility that you can transform your shots from pixels into money. You just need to know the ways through which this can be made possible. Digital photography provides convenience and cost effectiveness that was not in film photography and therefore you can easily learn how to make money from it.

Handy Tips For Finding Expert Wedding Photographers

It is a sheer fact that most of us have no experience/idea for finding a good wedding photographer but it is such an intricate task, we cannot take any risk either. However following some guideline you can get to manage this issue a bit easier but you need to be meticulous enough to get success in the selection process.

Posing Tips for Family Group Shots

I like to get everyone’s heads fairly close together which can be done by having everyone sit down. Even if the kids are dramatically different heights, sitting down brings everyone closer. It can be as simple as just sitting on the ground. Look for nice colors, textures, and clean backgrounds. Steps and benches work great too. There are tons of options!

Trick Photography for Beginners

Learn how trick photography works, and how you can try it today. Trick photography is the process of capturing non-conventional images with the creative use of light, perspective, and depth of field. Trick photography is not (and never will be) a substandard form of photography, because it takes pure skill and technical knowledge to accomplish a decent trick photo. Trick photography may or may not be accomplished with the help of image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. A skilled trick photographer is capable of producing stunning visual phenomena by using long exposures, strategic angling and, of course, by using different sources of light.

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