Studio Portrait Lighting with the HIVE Antenna App & Hornet 200-CX LED Light

Photo Slideshows – How to Create Your Own Slideshow

A photo slideshow is a wonderful way to preserve your memories. If you don’t know how to create your own slideshow, I have laid out some tips for you to follow.

Print Photos On Canvas – A New Way To Save Memories

It was only a few weeks ago that I visited a friend that has a well designed house. What caught my eyes immediately was a huge canvas all over the living room. The brush strokes were firm and colorful, and along with the size of it, the general impression was of great strength on the move.

Canvas Photos Printing – A Guide To Choose Your Provider

Canvas photo have been for centuries an expensive, unreachable product for the vast majority of people. Oil painting portraits, family pictures and landscape required the hiring of an artist to create a long lasting prestigious memory. The new digital era has changed this. Digital photography along with digital printing revolution have made canvas photo accessible and inexpensive product.

Natural Light and Wedding Photography

There are two ways to take a photograph: using natural light, i.e. light that hasn’t specifically been produced by the photographer, and using artificial light, which would usually be from a flash head on top of the camera body. Well over 90% of the images we take at a wedding are lit by natural light, for several reasons.

Mastering the Basics of Photography – Do You Know the Rule of Thirds?

One of the most well known rules of photography is The Rule of Thirds. This rule is used in all forms of art to explain how to create a visually pleasing image. The rule of thirds was around in art before photography even existed.

How to Maximize Backgrounds in Photography

Here are some creative ideas and advice for how to make the most of the background in any scenario. The first thing you think about when you set up a portrait is the background.

Panoramic Photography

How wide can you go with panoramic photography? It is also known as the wide format photography, it is a fun and challenging form of photography and definitely a sure way to take the entire view home with you.

How Do I Start a Child Modeling Career?

Having a child that has a love affair with the camera could be seen as a clear indication of their inclination to the modeling world. You should try to cultivate this as it could prove to be an asset for them. The only way your photogenic child can get into the modeling industry is if you expose them to it. Here are several things you could do to go about it.

How Do I Start a Baby-Modeling Career?

All parents believe that their babies are cute, but let’s face it. Some babies are much cuter than others. If your child falls under this category then you have probably thought of getting your baby to dabble in modeling. This has a number of advantages.

Which 3D Camera Will Anyone Be Able To Use?

Taking pictures is not rocket science but still many people get crappy pictures with blurs, smudges and unclear objects smeared at the end. In case your granny is not an expert photographer, and all of her pictures are wrecked by wrong timing and unclear pictures, there is a 3D camera that will help her get the best of her abilities.

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