Sony ZV-E10: A Compact Camera for the Content Creator! | Hands-on Review

Lighting in Portrait Photography

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the key factors to consider in portrait photography, whether it be artificial light or natural light. Both of these kinds of lighting pose pros and cons in various situations. Natural light gives the photographer the obvious advantage of varying the locations of their portrait session as it may be held outdoors without the size limitations of a studio space.

Tricks to Photography Without the Need for All the Bells and Whistles

Taking photographs is fun! You can capture special family moments – your children’s ‘firsts’ – first smile – ‘click’, first tastes of food ‘click’, first steps ‘click, click, click’. Taking scenic photos are also fun to do, there are many tricks to photography you can use to get just the right scene captured.

Using The Neutral Density Filter For Better Landscape Photography

The neutral density filter is one of the most versatile filters in your camera bag. Here is why it is such a vital piece of camera gear to get stunning landscape photography!

How Baboon Butts Affect Your Portrait Photography

If you are shooting a female subject, having her in a red dress can trigger deep psychological responses in the viewer. It goes back to baboon butts…

6 Tips to Be an Awesome Second Shooter

I’ve been a second shooter at a number of weddings now and was recently informed that I’m a pretty stellar second shooter. (In fact, I’m one local photographer’s first pick – which made me absolutely giddy.) So I thought I’d write an article giving some tips on how to be an awesome second shooter based on my experiences with a second shooter and as a second shooter for someone else.

Affordable Digital Camera Accessories For 2012

Digital cameras improve every now and then and so do their accessories. So what you had in 2011 might not have been very helpful for you and you may need some new ones to make using, cleaning and storing your camera fast and easy.

Get Better Landscape Photography By Using Kodak Yellow!

Including people in our landscape photography is the easiest way to engage our viewers. But they have to be seen! Here is how to accomplish that!

Photo Colorization Tips and Process

In Photo Colorization, unwanted colors, blemishes and scars are properly removed. The entire picture image is also edited for good. Proper colors are blended to make the image look great.

Christopher Wool Paris Painting Exhibition Review

Painter/printmaker Christopher Wool is currently exhibiting a large collection of his works in Paris at the Musee d’art moderne in Paris. Borrowing from the Pop Art and Abstract Expressionist movements, Wool, presents some interesting new work.

Diane Arbus Retrospective Photography Exhibition in Paris, France

The Jeu de Paume presents a retrospective of the work of photographer Diane Arbus. If there was any doubt about her talents before this exhibition (there weren’t) this will definitively lay those doubts to rest. One of the best photo exhibits in Paris in several years!

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