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Pin Up Photography – Adding Style To Your Pre-Wedding Photos

Unknown to many, pin up photography started way back in 1890s. It was commenced by Jules Cheret, a Parisian artist. However, it was only during World War II that pin ups gained enormous attention, especially from soldiers.

What Does a Professional Photographer Do?

Professional photographers have the power to take pictures using digital means or traditional film. Their jobs can be either for newspapers or various media outlets, or they can just as easily develop their job in portrait studios, taking photos of people. There are pro photographers who take commercial pictures (photos for ads), but there are also photographers who take more sensitive pictures.

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography

This article gives tips to the bride and groom about wedding photography planning. The tips will set you up for a success and help get the photographs you want.

Photography – My Journey And Some Things I Have Learned

What does it take to make a great photograph? There are several techniques that help. Using those techniques and finding something of interest has helped me on my photographic journey.

Redefine the Photography Knack in You

Photography that has always been deemed as the most charming and charismatic practice has an immoderate significance in our lives. Since the time, the very conception of photography had intruded your mind; you not only started harboring an earnest inclination towards it, but also got swayed away with its limitless spell.

How To Self-Edit Your Wedding Photos

There are a few times in your life when you want to take a good photograph. One of those times is on your wedding day. While most people choose to hire professional photographers to capture their special day, it is possible to save yourself some expenses by editing the photographs on your own.

If You Shoot RAW and Work In Photoshop

If you shoot RAW and work with Photoshop you know how frustrating it can be when you cannot see your images files when skimming your image folders. Then you have to open Photoshop to see your PSD and RAW files and this takes time and for me time is money.

Special Effects Can Turn Your Photographs Into Pieces of Art

Digital cameras have become the normal instrument to use, when taking photographs. However, in the ever changing world of the internet, ordinary pictures have become a thing of the past, as most people are opting to use photo editing programs to give their pictures some additional flare.

How To Capture Stunning Photos On Your Wedding Day

You will be treated as the center of attraction throughout this day and you should therefore be ready to carry yourself the best that you can. Be yourself, but at the same remain as elegant and classy as possible; after all it is your wedding day and you have the freedom to enjoy as much as you want to.

What Makes a Good Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding?

The best wedding photography can only be achieved from the best wedding photographers. With so many of them nowadays, what then makes a good one for your big day?

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