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Wedding Photographer: Who Will Take Your Photos?

Most people when planning a wedding are doing so for the very first time. Choosing a wedding photographer is not something that most couples would have any experience with-let’s face it, not many people would have cause to hire a professional photographer. Wedding photos are an important part of the whole event and something you would want to treasure in years to come.

Flickr Studio App for iPad and iPhone

Flickr takes a unique approach to organizing photos compared to its many competitors. Flickr concentrates more on time and location in a truly global scale. Provided that the picture is taken with a device (DSLR, Point& Shoot Digital Camera, Or Cellphone Camera) that embeds geographic information into the photos, Flickr includes all that information in every uploaded photo.

A Narrative Approach to Wedding Photography Part 1

When I compose a shot I try to include three elements within the frame that will create a story within the image. Context (where are we?), Narrative (What is the story we are telling here?) and Emotion (What is the feeling the image elicits?). Without all of these three elements I think that the image comes short of what is should be to tell a story.

The Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens Review

The 15mm Canon Fisheye Lens is a 180 degree full frame diagonal fisheye lens designed for Canon’s full frame sensor cameras like the 1Ds Mark III and the 5d Mark II and all earlier full frame models. The 15mm Canon is a prime AF Lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8.

High Quality Wildlife Photography

If you want to learn more about the natural world you don’t necessarily have to go to the four corners of the world to see each animal in its natural habitat. Wildlife Photography is a very popular career choice that many people who have a passion for animals and the environment wants to follow.

Never Leave Without A Charger – SLR Tip

You have your photo expedition all set and ready to go. You have your camera, your lenses, your memory cards, your filters, and you map. But do you have your battery charger?

Choosing The Right Wedding Album

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your wedding will be your photo album. When everything is said and done, the wedding album is one of the very few things that will stay with you for ever. The food will be eaten, the flowers will dry up, the dress will be stored away never to be wore again because chances are you won’t fit on it, but the photographs in your album will be around your living room for many years to come. Nowadays, there are a multitude of models in the market to choose from. From leather bound digital high end album to the more traditional photo-slide-in models. Each of those models have its pros and cons that you should considered.

Personalized Wooden Photo Blocks

Looking for a great gift to give for Valentines Day? Well look no further we have just the personalized gift for you.

Enlisting in the Services of Hamilton Wedding Photographer Recommended for Capturing Special Moments

Every weekend there is a couple tying the knot. Hamilton, which is one of the largest cities in New Zealand, is a popular spot for those celebrating their big day. The scenery is beautiful, which tends to make for some wonderful wedding day snaps. Quite surprisingly however, there are many people who elect to go the cheaper route and enlist in the services of a friend or family member to carry out the task. Being one of the two biggest days of your life suggests that hiring a professional would be the best option for recording those special moments.

Night Photography, Low Light Photography, And How To Master It

I stand on a lookout on top of a mountain in Alaska on a cold November night. A waning moon hovers overhead as I mount my Nikon D80 on a tripod with a 18-55mm lens and a clicker remote in hand. I aim the camera at a mountain range in front of me, about 60 miles away. The half moon casts faint shadows as the 11pm hour approaches. I dial the ISO to 1600, adjust the white balance to automatic, open the aperture to 4.5, and set the shutter for 30 seconds of exposure. That’s right, one half of a minute.

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