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Photo Printing Options

If you are into taking pictures then you are obviously into capturing some pretty special moments and one of the biggest considerations you will have with your hobby is deciding how to print up all of your favorite photos. It used to be that printing your photos consisted of you going to a place, like a store, that developed film, filling out a form, and sealing your film inside. Then, after a day or so, you would go back and pick your pictures up.

Digital Camera Tips – Five Tips for Better Holiday Pictures

It’s Holiday time! Families and friends gather, smiles are all around, festive decorations add sparkle and color. All that’s missing is you and your camera. There is no better time for family or party pictures than the Holidays. And we have five no-fail tips to help you get the best pictures ever from your digital camera this Holiday season.

Getting Started in Aerial Photography

This article is geared toward individuals who already have a basic knowledge of working with SLR cameras and want to try out the bird’s eye vantage point. There are many books out there filled with a lot of great information on this subject, but as with anything else, all of this information can seem daunting and keep newbie aerial photographers from taking their first flights. My goal here is to compress all of the critical information into a quick start guide that will get you up in the air and taking great shots in no time.

Digital Photo Tips – 3 Constructive Tips and Hints To Capture Awesome Photographs

From time to time we forget that there are people who know more about things about our preferred hobbies or professions than what we actually do. That’s why it is imperative to take into consideration as many digital photo tips as possible. Listening to what other people have to say can only make us better in our field.

How to Take Stunning Portraits

Learning how to take stunning portraits is one skill that can be easily mastered if you understand the concepts and have had lots of practice. There are four factors that will determine the success of your portrait shots and they are composition, depth of field, lighting and your subject. Let’s take a look at each of the factors and see how it can help you to take better portraits.

London Is the Leading Wedding Destination

Great wedding photographers always take their time to research and learn as much as they can about the best wedding locations in their immediate area. If they’re not on the look out for something new then they’re looking for angles that will maximise the potential of a location and deliver fantastic shots for their clients.

Creative Ways to Share Your Family Photos

Photo albums and picture frames used to be the most common ways of displaying family photos at home and in the office. While they may still be used up until today, those methods have already evolved and have become advanced thanks to digital technology. And if you’re the type of person who loves to display memorable photos of your family around your home, there are ways you can put your creativity to good use.

Slow Shutter Miracles at Church

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. With DSLR in hand, you’re invited inside the historic church. As the glistening alter and ornate ceilings appear you’re suddenly swept with panic. “How do I photograph this scene?” Luckily, with a few simple tricks, you’ll be going home jaw-dropping professional photos to amaze your friends.

Family Poses – Top Ten Photo Posing Guide Tips

The right family poses make the difference between stunning memories and forgettable snapshots. These ten posing guide tips tell you how to pose to get it right.

Photographing a Wedding at One of United Kingdom’s Greatest Venues: Langtons House, Hornchurch Essex

Langtons House is a grade II listed 18th century house and gardens located in Hornchurch Essex. It’s a very popular wedding venue in Essex and understandably so. The house is beautiful and stands in a picturesque landscaped garden with a lake. Hornchurch, Romford and Upminster have some lovely reception venues all within a short drive.

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