Sony a7C: A Full Frame Camera in an APS-C Size Body! | Hands-on Review

Cycling Lends Itself to Great Photos

The Tour de France 2014 provided me with the opportunity to photograph the very best and I was surprised how the race through the beautiful Bronte Country resulted in stunning photographs. What I also learnt from ‘LeTour’ was how popular cycling actually is. I walked across the moor from Widdop with my trusty companion Jip (a Patterdale terrier) and was convinced that the 2 hour walk would provide us with a nice quiet spot from where we could observe the race in peace. Well I wouldn’t say that the thousands of fellow spectators provided peace!

Photo-Shoot Safety Precautions for the First-Time Model

Working with a photographer for the first time can be intimidating–even scary. Follow these six basic safety protocols and you can walk into the photo-shoot confident and carefree.

Ideas for Editing and Styling Your Canvas Prints

When you sit down to create an amazing canvas wall art, you may often find yourself short of ideas on how to approach this topic. Although it is of course possible to simply enlarge the image that you already have, as simplicity is sometimes a great option, there is a certain joy in knowing that you have also helped the development of your art by manipulating it and editing its features to bring out the best possible art that you can. Editing the image quality is a great start to a final project…

6 Tips to Take the Perfect Picture

Everyone loves admiring at a stunning picture and is often amazed at the brilliance of the photographer. What most people fail to realize is that one day their pictures could hang in art galleries for others to admire. Photography is not that complicated as people make it out to be. Anyone who has an access to a camera can become a photographer; whether it’s of professional level or not, that’s completely a new discussion after all.

Photography – How to Improve the Quality of Your Photos

Are you satisfied with the photos you take and place or would you like to know how to take better photos and place them more effectively in your photo book? here are some entry level tips to help you to improve the quality and placement of your photos.

Do You Know The Pastime That Brings Fame And Name?

Photography freezes the moments and actions to look back and enjoy the green memory after several years. Also, it forms a source of information and income.

Rain Photography – Learn the Best Ways to Compose Your Pictures

“What if it rains?” This is a question that every professional and amateur photographer will hear eventually. We’re living in a golden age of photographic technology with photography possible under all kinds of circumstances and situations.

3 Tips To Prepare Yourself To Take Pictures Of Your Baby Before His/Her Arrival

There’s no doubt how exciting the introduction of a new baby is to a household. And, it is one subject that’s talked about during the nine months of pregnancy. Parents know they’ll take pictures of their baby after he/she is born, upon arrival at the home and everywhere they can get a good, memorable shot.

Understanding Camera Aperture

If you are a professional or experienced photographer you will know all about camera aperture settings and how to use them. However, to the novice or inexperienced photographer understanding camera aperture settings and how to get the best use from them can be a tricky subject to master. Here then is a no nonsense plain English guide on your camera aperture and how to use it.

Learn More About Photography!

Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by using an image sensor or it can be done chemically by using a very light sensitive material. An example of a light sensitive material is a photographic film.

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