Sony a7 IV: High-End Innovations in a “Basic” Model! | Hands-on Review

Panasonic 45mm – The Leica Macro Lens Made for Micro Four Thirds

The Panasonic 45mm is a compact lens that provides outstanding image quality. It is a type of macro lens which has an in-built image stabilizer. The one to one magnification ratio allows you to get close-ups to capture an object’s real size. This unique feature in the Panasonic 45mm also helps to enhance mobility because it makes it possible for you to capture landscapes, telephoto snapshots and portraits.

Olympus 9-18mm Micro Four Thirds – Compact Ultra Wide Angle Lens

The Olympus 9-18mm Micro Four Thirds lens design is suited to maximize the performance in the Micro Four Thirds System. It is a light lens that is very compact. The compact size allows you to carry the lens each time you want to take pictures. This lens is one of the new models in the market and it has an extra-low dispersion glass. The glass has been included in the lens design to enhance the quality of the images you capture. The design on this lens complements most PEN cameras. The usage is very simple and therefore professional photographers and individuals who are just starting out in photography can use it easily.

Helpful Photography Tips

Photography is one of the most enjoyable and challenging form of art. Not only does it need talent and skill, it also takes effort and an enormous sense of interest and love for the arts to perfect it.

Common Photography Mistakes

Learning photography is a fun and enriching experience. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to avoid the common mistakes along the way.

How To Choose the Perfect Camera Lens

If you want to stand out as a great photographer, the skill is not just enough. The camera, your mighty weapon in photography, is obviously the first concern if you want to have great shots. Choosing the right camera for you might be hard but there’s one more thing so crucial to dig into; the camera lenses.

Top Photography Tips To Sell Your Crafts

Your photographs are essential to help sell your crafts online. So what is the difference between a good photograph and a great one?

Choose the Correct Digital Photo Frame for Your Family Photo

Digital photo frames are a rage these days. When you buy one such frame, there are some factors that you must keep in mind.

Drop Shadow Service at Reasonable Prices

The advantages of 3D images are long known, but it can prove to be a little difficult to attain without a professional team. This is where photo-editing companies come into the picture. These firms offer various types of Drop Shadow service at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Process Mapping

What are the benefits of process mapping? This is the question normally asked by people who are interested in six Sigma training and business improvement projects. Mapping your processes is different from flowcharting. You are not looking at the process through symbols, but instead you are looking at a visual interpretation of all the projects on which your operational processes are working at the moment. Along with that, you are also going to be looking at ways and means in which these operational processes can be modified in such a manner that they work even more efficiently.

Taking a Look at the History of Photojournalism and Its Relevancy to Today’s Photojournalist

Photojournalism is an industry, art form, and only less than 200 years old. It started in the 1800s when the legendary Carol Szathmari from Romania took pics of the Crimean War. You could call him both the father of photojournalism and war photojournalism.

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