Sony a1 Lenses: A Short Stop Motion #Shorts

Accessories Needed – Green Screen Video Editing Pack

To be one of the well-known names in the photography industry, it becomes essential for any photographer to be equipped with all that is needed and also it should possibly be the best of all. This is true that quality is of utmost importance but also when it comes to making profit in every aspect then even quantity matters a lot.

Nature Photography – Some Information

Photography is an art that doesn’t need much talent. Anyone who has a camera can take photographs if he knows how to use it. But the professionals are the ones who really know what they have to do with their cameras. There are different kinds of photographers but the best photographs are the ones capture by nature photographers.

Boudoir Photography for Your Wedding

Boudoir Photography captures those intimate moments and discovers in you something that would make your wedding day perfect, sex appeal and sensuality which are the natural attributes of any bride. Your wedding day has been a long wait, and you have spared no efforts to get it to be the most memorable day of your life.

How to Choose the Best Photographer in East Grinstead, UK

With so many photographers in West Sussex, and in East Grinstead in particular, how do you know which one to choose? Well, it all depends on your budget and what the job is.

Andreas Gursky

Gursky’s first solo gallery exhibition took place in 1988 at Galerie Johnen & Schottle, Cologne. This was followed the next year by an exhibition at the Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld.

Fluxus Art

“Fluxus means change, among other things. The Fluxus of 1992 is not the Fluxus of 1962 and if it pretends to be – then it is a fake. The real Fluxus moves out from its old center into many directions, and the paths are not easy to recognize without lining up new pieces, middle pieces and old pieces together.

Understand the Process of Depth of Field in Photography

The meaning of depth of field: it simply refers to the portion of the scene being photographed, which appears acceptably sharp, and in focus. Depth is always present unless you are photographing a 2 dimensional scene.

Introduction to Lens Converters

Lens converters are lenses which can be attached to an existing lens to enhance its focal length. Thus, you can get more flexibility out of your existing lens. Although there are some lens converters for point-and-shoot cameras, most of the time, these converters are meant for use on Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras.

Protecting Your Digital Camera LCD Screen Is Vital

The LCD screen today has become a very important part of a digital camera. In fact in some camera models, the LCD already serves as the viewfinder which people can use for adjusting settings and previewing an image. As such, this part needs to be properly taken care of so it remains free from scratches and dust.

Canvas Print From Photo – Does Your Digital Photo Measure Up?

Nearly all of us have digital cameras today. Hopefully, they are at least 6 mega pixels as this size or larger is becoming the norm and 2 and 4 mega pixels cameras are becoming has-beens. Technology moves fast! You will care if your digital photo is “up to snuff” when you want to make canvas prints from photos.

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