Simple Way To Apply a DUAL LIGHTING Effect In Photoshop!

The Value of Prints

The digital revolution was an unstoppable wave that swept over photography like a tsunami. Considering that photography had seen basically incremental changes over the first 150 years, the speed of the digital transformation was breathtaking in comparison. There were just too many advantages to digital images.

Camera Tripods

For many hobbyist and photography professionals, having a helpful helping hand isn’t always convenient. Also, at times the artistic creator may desire to be more in charge of attaining all of the credit for developing a special piece. During moments like this perfection is needed. That is where the camera tripod comes into play.

10 Tips for Better Photos of Your Children

Professional photography is a fantastic way to celebrate important moments in your life. It also allows all of the family members to be in the image as well. Finally, it creates true custom works of art. However, those images will account for a tiny fraction of the photographs that will take place in your life. The majority of images are the everyday photographs families make themselves to capture moments and save them for the future. These are the images that tell the story of our lives. Here are some tips to quickly improve the images you take every day. Have fun experimenting with them and try a few of them each time you are out.

How To Get Quality Photos in Landscape Photography

Not getting the landscape photos you were hoping for? Find out what to look for to get quality shots in landscape photography.

Thoughts On Professional Photography

Professional photography is a great career which allows you to earn money using your creativity and talent. Once you have your own business going, you have the freedom and flexibility to live an independent lifestyle and travel anywhere you want.

What Does The Art Of Urban Explorers Have To Say?

Urbex, or urban exploration, refers to the investigation of disused or abandoned places. People who do this refer themselves as urban explorers, and those linked to the urbex scene have often made some surprising and interesting urban art.

Catalog Photography Can Create Credibility to Sell Products Via Their Digital Images

It takes time, effort and money to put up online catalogues. The same holds true for print catalog as well. Catalog photography can easily create credibility to sell products by just seeing their images online.

Understanding the Need of Image Mirror Effect

Ideally there should be no confusion between mirror effect and reflection. But an ordinary client cannot make out the obvious difference. A mirror effect needs understanding so that it can be applied to an image rightfully.

More New Memory Cards For Camera Owners

If you think you’ve seen and you know all the memory cards that are around today, you will have to think again. With technology, there seems to be no end in innovations. And that’s true for digital cameras as well.

Canon 50mm F1.8 II Lens Review

I made the switch to Canon about a decade ago, with a mid-range digital camera. I was so impressed by the quality that every few years since then, I’ve purchased other Canon cameras and accessories. It was just last year that I decided to invest in the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II Lens.

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