Sigma 24mm f/2 & 90mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary | Hands-on Review

Finding a Professional Hair and Make Up Artist for Photo Shoots

Having hair and make up done by a professional can have an incredible impact on the professional look of your photographs. It can be much easier to find a professional than you might think, sometimes you can even find one that will work for free.

The Right Photo Book Company for Photography

Your interest in photography has been growing over time and you can’t help but explore many different things to hone your craft. Your family and friends may have also been excited with your progress, so it’s only fitting that you get to share your work with them. Perhaps you may also be a budding photography hobbyist who can’t seem to put his camera down and your hard drive is almost out of memory from all the pictures you’ve taken.

Using Filters in Digital Photography: A Primer

When learning how to become a digital photographer involves lots of experimenting and practice, learning the basics about the different filters that are available can greatly speed up your progress. Take a few minutes to learn about how each one works and what kind of results it can produce.

What Are The Ideal Digital Cameras For Grandparents?

Many of you will agree that the grandparents of today are not so much into using the latest electronic gadgets such as digital cameras, mobile phones, smart phones and the iPad. Only a few may be using these new devices perhaps at the prodding of their children or grandchildren. Some may still be in the process of learning how to use the gadget either with help from a son or daughter or from a grandchild.

5 Great Photography Tips For Amateurs

Photography can take time to master. Here are 5 simple tips to make that journey easier.

Understanding Stock Image Licensing

There are numerous advantages of buying and using stock footage. But however, not all footage is licensed in the same manner. Failure to recognize licensing and not knowing how to use it can lead a buyer into lengthy legal troubles. Read on to know more on stock footage licensing.

Spring and Autumn Are My Favourite Seasons for Taking Photographs

Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons for taking photographs; in spring I feel more invigorated after the winter and more inclined to get out and take new photos. Here are a few of my tips for taking photographs in spring.

Creating an Experience for Boudoir Clients

Women love being pampered and that’s how I want them to feel when they come to me for a session. Hair and makeup are so important and should never be skipped. Always hire a professional. They’ll know what looks good on your client and on camera. I love when my clients feel like models. They have on a sexy outfit, their hair and makeup is perfect, they maybe have a few sips of champagne and they bring it.

Click for Money – Free Tips

Do you believe it is possible to click on the Internet and make money by doing that? I mean money. Not “chump change”. I’m talking about enough money so you can be financially independent and at the same time, do it for free! That’s right. No start-up cash from your wallet. Have you ever heard of making money with your camera? No? Well, I’m going to tell you how to do just that.

Photographing Horses For Equine Art – 3 Useful Tips

Want to create your own piece of equine art? If you’re frustrated by photographing horses, read through these simple tips, and improve your skills until you get the horse photos that you’re looking for.

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