Sigma 20mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Lens | Hands-on Review

Five Things to Know About Digital Cameras

Most of us own a digital camera these days. If not, we think about buying one. The reason for this is very simple. A digital camera makes it very easy for us to capture and hold on to moments. In the older times, people had to take many troubles to do so. Even with the more advanced cameras, one needed a reel, which had to be developed.

Five Cameras You May Not Have Heard Of

When we think of a camera, we think of a standard one, used by us for casual photography. We may also think of the big professional ones used by experts in their work. But we also know that the world is filled with things we haven’t seen and cannot think of. These things show us how innovate people can get. This is why here we tell you about five cameras you probably haven’t heard of, or seem in your every day life.

Common Photography Terms Explained

Photography as an art is filled with terms the less informed cannot understand. So when you buy a digital camera, it is common for you to be overwhelmed with the many things you need to know about it. As tiny and easy to use it may seem it sure does pack in quite a few features. But you don’t need to worry, because these features once understood, can be quite easy to work with.

Shopping For An SLR Camera

So you are thinking about buying an SLR camera but need to be convinced that spending the money to get one is worth it? Well I’m here to help you out and to show you how SLR cameras blow the flash off point and shoot cameras. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and is a type of digital camera that allows the user to switch between different lenses depending on their need.

Three Tips Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Tell You

Getting married soon? Congratulations! As wedding seasons warms up, check out these tips and advice that your wedding photographer might not have told you…

Top 5 Tips to ‘Break the Ice’ During a Photo Shoot – Part 2

I have been approached by quite a few photographers and models expressing their concern about feeling nervous, edgy or uncomfortable during a photo shoot. The reasons for this might vary from one person to another, still, there are some practical things that would help if implemented in order for a photo shoot to run smoothly, be productive and why not, be more fun.

The Benefits of Using a Digital Camera

Using digital cameras has definitely made the life of a photographer a lot easier. The functionality of the newer cameras gives a different dimension to the object they are shooting. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a great shot just be using the equipment that you have.

Marketing Yourself As a Bikini and Fitness Model and Getting Paying Jobs

Entering into the profession of modeling can be the most difficult part about the business. There are two ways to enter into the industry, and that’s “being discovered” and “seeking discovery”.

Canvas Prints To Last Lifetimes

Many people want their photos to last forever. With a regular digital print on paper, this will never happen. This is why so many people have started to turn to canvas prints. By printing your photo on canvas, you can have a portrait or a photo of anything that you like that will last you several lifetimes. You can pass them down to children and family members so that they will be able to also enjoy these beautiful photographs and memories now preserved forever on canvas.

Why Wedding Couples Should Choose a Vintage Theme! (From a Wedding Photographer’s Point of View)

I don’t normally wax lyrical about weddings, but both my wife and I were wowed by our experience of photographing Ant and Charlie’s 1950’s vintage themed wedding back in June 2010. It was kind of an epiphany for us, and an experience that I would like to share with couples looking for a theme for their wedding. We had both covered many different weddings themes, but the vintage 1950’s theme really resonated with us.

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