Shooting Ocean Wildlife with the DJI Air 2S featuring Filmmaker Roberto Ochoa

On Assignment – Destination British Virgin Islands

Three weeks of sun and boating in a stunning archipelago in the Caribbean, how does this sound for a nice way to spend part of the winter? While this trip is being “billed” as a vacation for my wife Cherie and friend Terry, typically I will be a using the trip as a working opportunity to photograph another beautiful country to add many new images to my large collection of stock photography and to supplement my writing.

Shooting Vertical Images and Battery Grips

Why shoot vertical images? Something I try to do on a regular basis is shoot both horizontal and vertical images of the scene.

How To Take Fantastic Photos

With luck, by the end of this brief article you’ll learn just what you may need to shoot some seriously amazing pictures with your state of the art digital camera. I’m letting you know straight away that taking pictures is actually quick should you educate yourself on the steps.

Understanding and Using the Camera Light Meter

Learn how to use light meter on your camera. Find out how it works, what types of light metering options are available and how to choose the best one for your photos.

Lighting Ratios For Portrait Photography

In portrait photography, lighting ratios are comparisons of the main light in a photo to the lesser light which fills in shadows. This main light is known as the “key light” and the lesser light is called the “fill light.” A lighting ratio can be expressed (K+F):F, where the main light is K+F because it includes both the key light and the fill light. In other words, lighting ratios express the level of light on the brightest lit areas in a photograph compared to the least lit parts. This ratio is also known more simply as “contrast”.

Today’s Most Famous Portrait Photographers

Famous portrait photographers are not just professionals of their trade whose work should be admired. There are a lot of lessons to be learned and inspiration to be taken from their photography. Their works are instantly recognizable due to some of the unique characteristics and personal technique developed by the authors in their long years of experience. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who’s looking for some inspiration or simply want to find about the people who have left a major influence on the world with their work, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the following famous portrait photographers list.

Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques

Learn 6 portrait photography lighting techniques that you will need to learn. In portrait photography, the way to taking flattering portraits is as simple as knowing where to put the lights. There are six common lighting techniques for portrait photography. Loop Lighting This is the most used lighting technique in portrait photography. The lights create a loop shape on the subject’s face. It is ideal for most face types and is considered one of the most flattering patterns. This pattern uses three lights. Place the first light above the subjects head. Slowly move the light to the left side of the subject until a loop shape shadow appears on the face. The second light is aimed at the hairline and it is placed opposite the first light. Place the third light on the right side of the subject. Position it close to the camera and aim in it the same direction that the subject’s face is pointing…

Choosing the Best Lens for Architectural Photography

Find out what the best lens for architectural photography is in this article! Discover the best lenses for photographing architecture, buildings and more!

Why Are Canvas Photo Collages So Popular?

A look at how many different industries are now using photo canvases. This article also explores how they have become so popular.

Tips To Help You When You Take a Professional Photograph

If you are looking for a professional portrait photograph then below are some tips to help you. However, taking a photograph can be daunting. While getting a professional portrait done for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs or etc is a worthwhile expense it’s not something you want to invest in when all you want to do is to photograph your kids. Below we will look at a few photography tips which should improve the photos you take significantly.

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