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The Many Uses Of A Helmet Camera

The helmet camera pioneered when it captured the world’s first mountain biking video wherein the first available RCA-made chip camera was mounted to a motorcycle helmet. The camera fed signals via cable to a VCR inside a padded backpack. This was used by various mountain bikers to capture their rides. But after each ride, a wearer would complain of it being heavy.

Professional Photography Backdrops

Titanium and Platinum backdrops add quality and flexibility to your photographs. The light- weight materials make it easy to photograph people in any location desired. With the ability of being portable and having the quality of professional looking images, titanium and platinum backdrops gives you that essential attractive look that is a hundred percent complete.

Night Vision Goggles – What Do They Really See?

If you’ve never tried on a pair of night vision glasses but always wondered what it would be like to see in the dark, you may have just found your answer. Infrared technology – the same thing that is used in night vision viewers can also be used with your everyday digital single lens reflex camera.

Three Easy Ways to Making Money With Your Digital Camera

A digital camera, be it a DSLR or a compact point and shoot, is an asset in your hand. It is a tool using which you can make a reasonable amount of money per month, without even breaking a sweat. How?

10 Easy Tips For Taking Better Pictures Everyday

Photography is a difficult art, it takes and master to achieve awesome results, but it’s not difficult to take great photos and improve our technique. On-line you can find a lot of guides that will teach you how to use the camera, capture the light, compose the picture and so on. All those advices are very helpful, but I wanted to help by adding my ten tips that have helped me become a better photographer every day.

Forced Perspective – A Cool Photographic Special Effect Without Using Photoshop

As an amateur photographer I know it’s always great to stumble upon new ways to create a fresh special effect that gets the “Awesome” response when my audience looks at my photos. Today, I’ve got a really easy effect you can achieve using only your camera and your imagination known as – Forced Perspective.

What New Technologies Are In Digital Cameras Today?

The cameras of today are quite advanced. The digital units no longer use the old films but instead, they have memory cards wherein the images are stored. There are other advanced features that make this photographic device easier to use. For sure, you’ve heard about them – intelligent auto, face detection, smile detection and blink detection among others.

Taking Better Photos – 3 Easy Photo Tips Anyone Can Use To Capture Great Pictures

Taking better photos is easier than ever these days if you apply a few simple tricks and techniques. Start with three or four basics and then experiment with your digital camera. Then apply a few more easy photo tips and photography techniques to make your digital photos even more interesting.

Dog Canvas Prints

The British love their pets, and dogs easily top the list. There are now around eight million dogs in the UK (some estimates put the figure as high as eleven million). When it comes to numbers, dogs definitely put cats in second place. We often get asked to create a photo canvas of a treasured pet dog that has recently passed away. As long as the owner has a photo of that dog, it’s easy to create a lasting tribute that can adorn any wall. What better way to commemorate this bond between the species than creating a beautiful canvas print of your much-loved pet?

Mother’s Day Portrait Tips And Ideas – How To Be Creative

I wanted to share some portrait ideas for Mother’s Day. Believe it or not, Mother’s day is right around the corner and choosing the perfect gift can be extremely difficult. I always tell people to plan ahead and you should be planning this at least a few weeks before. If you can plan a couple of months ahead…that’s even better. I know where talking about Mother’s Day here, but this applies to any Holiday or special occasion.

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