Scott Kelby’s 10 Amazing Landscape Editing Tips | OPTIC 2021

2 Portrait Photography Clothing Tips To Lose Weight!

It’s our job as photographers – pro OR amateur, to make our subjects look better than they have ever looked in a portrait. Here are 2 photo tips that will help.

2 Photo Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography!

To get the best landscape photos, you will need to have a few filters on your lenses. Not added later in Photoshop. Plus, you will often run into a need for a rubber band – here’s what to do…

This Photo Project Can Make You Famous In Your Community!

There is so much to learn in photography that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Let’s step back and have a bit of fun!

Starting Today Turn Off The Built-In Flash On Your Digital Camera

There are many occasions when amateur photographers waste effort and time trying to light up people and objects that are too far away from the flash. But the flash that is built in to the camera gives the amateur or newbie a feeling of safety and confidence that the resulting picture will be at least passable and not a black unreadable blur. It may be better to keep it turned off.

This Photo Tip Breaks The Portrait Photography Rules!

The most basic rule in portrait photography is to never include something that will take the viewer’s eye off the face. Today’s tip breaks that rule…

Photo Tips – The Pyramid In Portrait Photography And Where To Position The Eyes!

There are two basic portrait photography “rules” that I see violated all the time. Here is how to avoid that!

Pictures for Life

With the possibility that I may be an undiscovered Van Gogh or Monet, getting the paints and canvas out has a lovely romanticism about it, and an excitement when I imagine myself in a field of poppies wistfully painting without a care in the world. Not only as a creative outlet but used for expressing our feelings, art can be a great source of pleasure for whiling away that elusive period of “spare time” and is a good relaxant too. The finished article doesn’t have to be a work of art, it is more about the time…

Photo Tip – How To Get The Best Photo Exposure For Skin Tones!

Getting the right photo exposure at the color extremes in a photo can often be a challenge. Here is how to handle it!

Street Photography in Ecuador

Every photographer will tell you that there is nothing greater than the excitement and thrill of capturing a feeling, an emotion or a story that they perceived in their mind when they lifted the camera to their eye. Equally so each photographer will tell you that they have a passion for one form or another of photography, portraiture’s, landscapes, etc.etc. For me my passion for Street Photography evolved out of my daily experiences in Guayaquil, Ecuador and seeing the emotion, passion and nobility of her people.

Photo Aperture And Shutter Speed – Understand How They Work Together!

Too many of us shoot on automatic because we don’t understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed. Here is what you need to do…

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