Scott Kelby: Use Lightroom & Photoshop to Make Your Skies Look Awesome | #BHDoF 2022

D3100 Nikon – So Great and Amazing

D3100 Nikon has great features are amazing. Various advanced technologies applied in the D3100 makes this camera so easy to use.

A Silk Purse From a Sow’s Ear

When working with old photos many people are under the mistaken impression that having their pictures made digital will suddenly transform their old pictures into something wonderful. While expert photo restoration companies and Photoshop gurus can do much with older photos, and correct many flaws nothing will transform a mediocre photo into a better image. Once an older photo is made digital it is possible to improve the lighting, do some creative cropping, and adjust the color but if the image is one that you did not particularly like to begin with chances are that having it made digital will…

Introduction to the New Mirrorless Cameras

An introduction to the new Mirrorless Cameras. It contains an explanation of of these new cameras and a comparison with the traditional DSLR. It also illustrates some of the most important features of these new cameras.

5 Food Photography Starter Tips

So you’re about to jump into the world of food photography. Here are my 5 top starters to get you on your way to shooting fantastic food shots!

Top Tips to Handle Embarrassing Photos Of You On the Internet

We’ve all been in this situation after a drunken night out – you wake up in the morning with a pounding head, a mouth like the bottom of a parrots cage and with fuzzy memories of the alcohol driven escapades which you indulged in the previous night. Never mind though, you didn’t do anything that bad, did you?

Capture Those Ultra Special Moments of Your Life With Pregnancy Portrait Photography

There is probably no greater and more joyous moment in a woman’s life than the one when she knows she is pregnant and would soon be conceiving a baby. While the emotions associated with this moment may be differentially expressed and thus difficult to capture accurately on film, what can soon be captured on film with unmistakable certainty of the object being captured, is that of the same woman now in a pregnant state.

4 Golden Tips For Portrait Photography

Portrait photography as an art form certainly deems immense practice and experience, before you can actually consider yourself to be an expert in the domain. At the initial stages, there is a lot of trial and error, and it is only with the passage of time (and a lot of camera reels – both figuratively and literally, depending on the type of camera you use!), that you actually gain the level of expertise and proficiency that you dreamt of at the outset.

Camera Lenses – Introduction to the Different Types of Lenses, From Zoom to Pancake

One of the best features of Mirrorless Cameras is their Interchangeable Lens feature. In normal compact cameras, lens is part of the camera’s body and, although it can offer different degrees of zoom, its performances are fairly limited. In a Mirrorless Camera you can remove the lens and replace them with another one which better suits your needs in different occasions: detailed close-ups, panoramic views or super-zoom are some of the many options available.

How I Came Out Of My Shell To Get My Picture

Sometimes you have to face your fears in order to do what you love. This is a story from the night I rose to my friends photography challenge.

Used Digital Cameras – Best Deals on Digital Cameras!

I found a website where they made the best selection for used digital cameras deals. They are practically new. I also found out that there is more to be know that how many megapixels the camera has before you buy it.

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