Round Table Discussion: Sony Alpha ZV-E10: A Compact Camera for the Content Creator

How Lighting Affects Black and White Photography

A look at how dramatic lighting can improve black and white photos, and how learning the art of lighting, and experimentation can take your photographs to the next level. Don’t forget to try the challenge I’ve set at the end of the article!

6 Safe Ways To Take Your DSLR Anyhwere

Ever wanted to travel with your DSLR, but you wonder whether it’s safe for your camera? read for some advice on how to travel with a DSLR camera bag, take amazing photos and keep your photo gear safe.

Berenice Abbott Retrospective Photography Exhibition in Paris, France

The Jeu de Paume museum in Paris, France hosts the long-awaited retrospective exhibition of photographer Berenice Abbott. Abbott, more famous as the student and rescuer of the work of Eugene Atget after his death in the 1920s, gets a chance to present her own work spanning 6 decades.

Quinn Jacobson Exhibits His Wet Plate Collodion Photos in Paris

Quinn Jacobson presents his recent Wet Plate Collodion photographic portraits from the American West (Colorado) at the Centre Iris Gallery in Paris, France. Jacobson’s mastery of the Wet Collodion photo process yields excellent results. Truly a show not to miss!

Film-Based Black and White Vs Color Digital Photography

Discussion of the evolution of photography in the art world in the last ten years. From the vast majority of photo work seen in important museum and gallery shows ten years ago being black and white imagery, today this tendency has been completely reversed. Discussion of where black and white photography stands today in the photo art world.

William Klein Exhibits His 1950s Series “Rome” in Paris, France

William Klein, famed street photographer, presents fifty-plus years later, his work shot in Rome in the late 1950s at the Maison Europeenne de la photographie in Paris, France. We catch glimpses of the amazing talent of Klein while also seeing the an outsider’s view of Rome from the post World War II period.

Dominique Issermann Presents Photographs of Model Laetitia Casta in Paris

Photographer Dominique Issermann presents a series of photos taken of super-model Laetitia Casta at the Maison Europeenne de la photographie in Paris. While the exhibit presents without question the great beauty of Casta and the photographer displays a strong knack for beautiful lighting and mood, the photos, ultimately aren’t very moving and certainly do not advance even the fashion photo model.

To Get Better Landscape Photography, Your Camera Gear Should Include Neutral Density Filters!

Shooting great landscape photography often includes shots with slow shutter speeds. Thais can be a problem on bright sunny days! Here’s the way to solve the problem…

Photography As a Profession – What You Need To Know

Photography is a really good profession to be in because it provides you with the opportunity to be self-employed. Given the fact that jobs are not easy to get by or even to retain these days then it’s a good idea to get a job you can manage on your own. However, you do need to make sure that you will be suited to this line of work.

Photo Tips About Colored Photo Filters That Will Take Your Landscape Photography To The Next Level!

If you don’t use colored filters in your landscape photography, you are missing out! Here is what you need – and how to avoid losing them!

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