Rotolight NEO 3: Small Yet Powerful LED Light | Hands-on Review

The Personalized Wedding Album With The Potential To Explode Your Photography Business

Nothing is as valuable after the wedding than the album. How amazing are the ones you’re offering?

How Custom Photo Albums Can Put Your Photography Business On Entirely New Levels!

Your talents behind the camera are evident. You have “it.” Now we need to make sure you are offering your clients the most amazing album options.

Flower Images – How to Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7

Step by step instructions on how to use your own flower images as desktop background or wallpaper. Plus suggestions on where to find gorgeous flower pictures that capture your mood and inspire your day.

How to Use a DSLR Camera – Autofocus Modes

It can be a challenge to learn how to use a DSLR camera’s autofocus system because it has a lot more focusing options than a point and shoot camera. DSLR cameras typically have two primary autofocus modes (plus manual) that allow you to handle a variety of situations. The best mode to use will depend on what you are shooting. We will cover how to use a DSLR camera’s autofocus modes to capture a sharp image every time.

For Professional Photographers – 5 Specific Steps to Help You Survive During Difficult Times

Many photographers are experiencing difficult times and they are asking the difficult questions including is assignment photography a dying business model? Read this article to answer that question.

My Top 10 Tips on Taking Beautiful Pictures of People

Use a lens that has a wide aperture like a 1.2, 1.4, 1.8. The 50mm 1.8 is only $100, and it is a terrific lens! My whole body of work is done with a 50mm 1.8 and a Canon Rebel XS. So with that 1.6 crop factor it becomes an 80mm lens that is a perfect perspective to take portraits. Photograph in the shaded areas with even light hitting your subjects face. Face your light source while in the shade. Focus on the eyes. If your aperture is wide open you will need to keep the focus on the eyes. The rest of the face will be slightly out of focus.

Digital Cameras For Special Moments Of Your Life

This is an era where technology rules the world. Today there is no dearth of technologically advanced gadgets and devices that have made our lives much more convenient and enjoyable than the earlier days. The on-going research helps in further improving the quality, features and affordability of the products.

Advantages of Canvas Printing

Taking shots of every good memory of our lives is the best way to keep track of our happy past. And having these shots laid on a canvas carries a lifetime remembrance. Photography apparently has been to a lot of transformations in the past few years especially in an artist’s perspective.

Buying Cameras – A 5-Step Guide You Must Read Before You Buy a Camera

I have seen it happen many times; either people don’t carefully think before they act or are swayed by emotion when it comes for purchasing a camera. Here is a 5-step guide to help you get the right gadget for the right job.

Having Your Photos Printed on a Canvas

Do you want your unforgettable memories to be kept for life? Having your photos printed on a canvas can definitely preserve your past for a long time. Have you ever heard the lines “life imitates art?”

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