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5 Best Things to Look for in Your Prospective Wedding Photographer

With so many wedding photographers out there fighting for your business it has become hard to tell exactly what to look for. With a plethora of flashy, pretty and impressive websites how do you really know where your money is going?

How A Digital Photographer Can Assist You In Capturing Memorable Moments

Digital Photography is something truly wonderful and available to everyone, and allows you to take memorable moments of yours and your families life. Digital Photography has evolved to possess incredible functions for capturing stylish, graceful and elegant photographs. For taking high quality digital photographs a prosumer camera is needed.

What to Look for When Buying Canvas Prints

I made this list after buying a canvas art print from a company off the internet and found it to be of very poor quality, I found out what to look for when buying a canvas print. Lets face it we’ve all been there look at web sites that sell canvas art and bought the cheapest one going and when it get to your door you open it up and find its not worth the money you paid for it.

Take A Digital Photography Class Online

Digital cameras has gotten wildly popular the last years, and more and more people want to take a digital photography class to learn how to get the most of their camera. Taking a class is a good way to learn about all the features and possibilities of your new camera, but also to get insight in the art of photography and how to take better photos.

Make Your Photos Supersharp Part 5 – Using Lenses

It’s no good choosing good lenses if you don’t know how to use them. Part 5 – Using lenses is about learning how to recognize the best apertures and focal lengths for your fixed focus and zoom lenses and then making sure you can focus accurately. Get this right and you’re on the way to super sharp photos.

How You Can Design Online Photo Albums

Constructing a photo album internet site could be a fantastic way to present your own group of old shoebox photographs or photo slides (together with newer digital snap shots) with the public at large. Step 1 would be to arrange your better photographs within numerous sub-headings. For instance, you could have a lot of Australian holiday shots that could be placed directly under the heading “photos of my getaway”. Or even pictures from another lovely exotic setting which may go below the heading of “exotic island photographs”. Photos of downtown living may very well be placed directly under the heading of “urban center snap shots” and so on.

Availability of Photographs on the Internet

The pictures you had taken through your camera are not the only pictures you might put on a display in your home, in your office or on the wall of your boutique or business establishments. You might as well consider the available photos on the internet. Photo exhibit is one thing but it is the easier way because you are just going to upload a photo on the internet.

Wedding Photographers – How Should I Choose?

Every week I look at the work of other photographers for inspiration and see many weddings that just took place. When I see the different brides in the pictures, I cannot help but wonder if the images I see are what those brides were having in mind when they chose the photographer who took it.

Difference Between Film and Digital Photography

Everyone tries to adapt and go digital. There are those that buy the newest and the most advanced gadgets each and every time. There are those who love to experiment with the old and the new depending on their requirements. And there are those who would still prefer the analog and are not yet satisfied what the digital age could bring.

What Camera Suits You?

The basis for buying a camera should be based on feature, functionality, your needs, and cost. Let us tackle a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, and a camera phone.

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