Remove White Background from Logos in Photoshop (Fast & Easy!)

Basics in Abstract Photography

Abstract photography and abstract art are very popular and involve a merchandise trade of billions of dollars over a century. Most art galleries and exhibitions as well as photography events are never complete without a section on this form of depiction.

Street Portraiture – How I’m Beating “The Fear”

We all see people in the street. Interesting people that we wish we had the nerve to approach and ask to photograph. This is my plan to overcome the fear that has stopped me doing that up to now.

Japan’s Historical Route – A Favourite With Photographers

Most photography workshops in Japan focus on the cities. If you want to capture the essence of the country you really must try to get out into the countryside. The Nakasendo Trail is one great option, with the core section being a series of short hikes between post-towns along this historic route.

Camera Lenses For Absolute Beginners

Decided to finally move to a digital camera? To make the most of it, you will have to learn how to use camera lenses!

The Benefits of Getting a Photography Degree

A photography degree will give an edge to those that do not have one. The training, skills, and experience gained on top of the networking opportunities will help boost people’s careers in the field. Below are five benefits to having a photography degree.

A Beginners Guide to Real Estate Photography

Do you ever wonder how those amazing pictures of homes and their interiors are done? How did they make those small rooms look so spacious or how can they make the home look so presentable, even with someone still living in it? It’s simply all about using the right angles to make the rooms and spaces as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Do You Know the 3 L’s for Shooting Product Photography

Shooting product photography has become quite the rage these days. However, few photographers get the basics rights. There are techniques and creative aesthetics that come with it.

Understanding Aperture in Camera’s

Aperture is one of the three reciprocal settings on a camera, used to get the perfect exposure, the other two being ISO and shutter speed. Simply put, aperture is a hole inside a lens, through which light is let onto the camera”s sensor (DSLR). It is easier to understand the concept, if you compare it to the human eye.

Tips For Taking A Good Photograph

Many photographers, even professional ones lack this skill and it is above all what separates the pro’s from the ordinary photographer who is familiar with his camera’s features. I’m talking of course about capturing the individual soul through their eyes, face and environment.

Benefits Of Trick Photography and Special Effects Photographs

Photographs are amazing keepsakes alone, but there are special techniques which can enhance and spice up your pictures, making them even more unique. You do not have to be a professional photographer to use special effects or trick photography.

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