RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV: High-end Cinema Specs in a Compact Body | Hands-on Review

How to Use Modern Photography Effects to Enhance Your Photos

The old film cameras were always easy to operate. They had only a few buttons, and all you needed to do was point and click. Using a modern digital camera or an SLR camera, you are faced with a lot of buttons and options. There are most likely buttons that you don’t have any idea what would it do to your pictures.

Attach Your Camera to Bicycle Handlebars

Put your pictures in motion by attaching your Digi-cam to the handlebars of your bike. Some people might wonder why the heck anyone would want to attach their digital camera to the handlebars of their bike. Well, in the old days of traditional photography, this didn’t make much sense.

Samuel Bourne – The Pioneer Of Indian Photography

Samuel Bourne was a British photographer born into an old farming family, at Arbour farm, Mucklestone, Stropshire, England in 1824. His well document career in India laid the foundation for commercial photography. His amateur photographic activities made him an accomplished landscape photographer. He took photographs of 2,200 fine images of the landscape and architecture of India and the Himalayas.

Photo Colourisation – Black and White to Colour – Colour Memories

A few handy tips on how to become a budding Photo restoration artist. Various mindsets and working style ideas.

8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Photographs

Taking a picture is very easy. But it takes a little creativity to take a great picture. Great pictures are those that appears to be perfectly taken and was properly analyzed. But what are the basics of getting great pictures for someone who has no formal education in photography?

Digital Photography and Its Industry Outlook

Digital photography is one of several forms of digital imaging. An advantage of it is its relatively low cost when compared to traditional photography. All in all, it is an excellent choice for those who are learning photography. The only drawback to the concept of digital photography is the resolution of the images that are taken compared to analog cameras. It is also an emerging trend, although the concept has been around for nearly two decades. This is because digital cameras are getting cheaper as time goes by.

Areas of Photography Based on Subjects

The act of taking pictures is more than just a hobby, it’s also an art and a profession. But photography is not simply just taking pictures, it is about capturing memories and moments. It is not just a mere print or picture but it’s a proof of time and life.

The Cost of Photography – 4 Tips to Make Money From Your Expensive Hobby

Photography is quite an expensive hobby for some. Photography is not just about the picture or the camera. Photography equipment has a whole lot to do with its camera body, filters and lenses. It extends to studio backgrounds and lighting equipments and also includes accessories such as tripods and monopods. With the cost of the equipment itself, you are expected to pay more than you think you will be spending. But does it really pay off? Are you able to get as much money as you have spent? Is your camera and love for taking pictures worth the expenses?

How To Take Good Pictures With A Mediocre Camera

A mediocre camera will give you good pictures, but a great camera makes this job easier. Pictures taken with a digital camera should capture an emotion. Getting more than a single photograph at a time with digital cameras is a great way to pick that perfect picture. Today’s technological know-how has made picture touch-ups fairly easy for even the inexperienced photographer. A common problem for the novice photographer with pictures is not getting the focus right. With bad light, the picture will not good.

How to Fight the Winter Blues With Winter Photography

The snowy days of winter, what does it mean for you? To most folks winter means a time of slippery sidewalks, nasty roads, flu season, and something that can be much worse for others, the Winter Blues. The winter blues does not generally happen to someone who is busy all day with things to do in the winter, because they keep active and energetic, as night time approaches, they relax and go to sleep.

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